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LCVP & LCAP & Foundation Level Subjects

The following entry arrangements will apply to graduates of QQI FETA (Formerly FETAC) programmes seeking admission to programmes at Limerick Institute of Technology. The minimum entry requirement for graduates of FETAC (NCVA level 5 or 6) awards to:

  • Higher Certificate (QQI level 6) programmes is a full QQI FETA (level 5 or 6) award.
  • Ab-initio Ordinary Degree (QQ1 level 7) programmes is a full QQI FETA (level 5 or 6) award.
  • Ab-initio Honours Degree (QQI level 8) programmes (is a full QQI FETA (level 5 or 6) award including a Distinction grade in at least three modules.

In these three cases, a general specific requirement for mathematics or a language will not apply. Notwithstanding the minimum entry requirements listed above, Entry to year 2 and subsequent years may have specific pre-requisite QQI FETA modules or QQI FETA programme requirements
Note that a full QQI FETA award normally contains 8 modules. A full award may be accumulated over more than one academic year. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the applicant to apply to QQI FETA for a full award where programmes are taken over more than one year. A record of achievement does not meet these minimum entry standards.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP)

The LCVP module will be considered as a passing module provided the learner achieves at least a pass grade. This will apply to entry for honours degree (NFQ level 8), ordinary degree (NFQ level 7) and higher certificate (NFQ level 6) academic programmes.
The following points scoring system will be used:
Distinction - 66 points
Merit - 46 points
Pass - 28 points

Leaving Certificate Applied Programme (LCAP)

The LCAP subjects do not meet the minimum entry requirements for admission to academic programmes and are not considered as passing subjects. Holders of the LCAP may wish to undertake a QQI FETA programme in order to gain eligibility for entry to third level programmes at this Institute.

Foundation Level Mathematics

Foundation Level Mathematics at Grade F2 or Higher is acceptable as meeting the Mathematics requirement for the following programmes:

LC228 - Sports Coaching & Development (Limerick) Level 6
LC270 - Music Technology & Production (Limerick) Level 7
LC276 - Broadcast Screen Production (Limerick) Level 7
LC290 - Community Sports Development (Limerick) Level 7
LC292 - Social Care Work (Limerick)  Level 8
LC293 - Business Studies with Travel & Tourism Management (Limerick) Level 8
LC294 - Business Studies with Event Management (Limerick) Level 8
LC295 - Business Studies with Sports Management (Limerick) Level 8
LC296 - Front Office Management (Limerick) Level 6
LC298 - Culinary Arts (Limerick)  Level 6
LC299 - Hospitality Studies (Limerick) Level 6
LC371 - Creative Broadcast & Film Production (Limerick) Level 8
LC372 - Music Technology & Production (Limerick) Level 8
LC392 - Business Studies with Beauty & Spa Management (Limerick) Level 8
LC401 - Early Childhood Education & Care (Thurles) Level 8
LC402 - Social Care Work (Thurles) Level 8
LC432 - Early Childhood Care & Education (Thurles) Level 7
LC602 - Social Care Work (Ennis) Level 7
LC603 - Early Childhood Education & Care (Ennis) Level 7
LC612 - Social Care Work (Ennis) Level 8
LC613 - Early Childhood Education & Care (Ennis) Level 8
LC393 - Early Childhood Education & Care (Limerick) Level 8

Points will be awarded as follows:
F1 20 points
F2 12 points

Foundation Level Irish

Foundation Level Irish at Grade F2 will meet the minimum language requirement. No points are awarded.
For further information, please contact the Institute Admissions Office, telephone 061 293262.  ​​​​​​​


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