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A8286 Process & Engineering Management - BSc (Honours)
  • Programme Code:
    Course Level:
    Level 8
    Mechanical & Automobile Engineering
    ​1 year add-on honours degree
    Limerick (Moylish)

    What is the programme about?
    The program has been designed to provide learners with a technical or science based Level 7 degree, with a set of both technical and transferrable skills that are widely applicable to industry.

    The development of this programme is a direct response to feedback from a range of companies operating in the mid-west region. The companies surveyed in the development of the course stated that engineering graduates were lacking the necessary skill set and process knowledge to work effectively in an industrial environment. They also indicated that there were not enough third level combination engineering and management courses. The course was developed to bridge the gaps identified by industry.

    The primary aim of the programme is to utilise industry case studies and industry project applications that allow the student to work with industry and develop an understanding of their requirements. To allow for this, the programme is structured as follows.

    • Two major modules in the form of Applied Process Improvement and Project Management

    • Two minor modules in the form of Engineering Operations Management and Statistical Process Control

    • A dissertation module

    The programme requires significant independent learning and engagement with local industry, where learners actively work with various companies to apply applied process improvement techniques and also to create project plans that would be of benefit to the companies. With the dissertation module and via engagement with industry, the learner will develop a set of skills, essential to Level 9 research, which is a minimum requirement for charter engineering status with Engineers Ireland.

    On successfully completing the project management module learners will have earned teaching hours and demonstrated competence that can potentially be used for application to the professional accreditation of Project Management Professional (PMP). In addition on completion of the applied process improvement module students are prepared for the Quality America Green Belt online examination and certification.

    Who is the programme suited to?
    This new Level 8 Honours Degree in Process & Engineering Management is a follow on programme for any graduate who has successfully completed an Engineering or Science Level 7 degree. For example, graduates from the following LIT Level 7 Degree programmes can apply to progress onto this honours degree programme:

    LC285 Mechanical Engineering

    LC286 Road Transport Technology & Management

    LC279 Electronic Engineering

    LC278 Renewable & Electrical Energy Systems

    LC277 Industrial Automation & Robotic Systems

    LC251 Civil Engineering

    Any Level 7 science degree.

    Class Contact Hours
    ​ 18 hours per week.

    (Currently running over 3 days - Tuesday to Thursday)


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