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First Year Art & Design
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    Level 8
    Art & Design
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    # Portfolio required
    ​1 Year, plus 3 years for BA (Honours) Degree.
    Limerick (Clare St)

    What is the programme about?
    The programmes at LSAD aim to assist students to become confident, articulate, informed, creative and expressive practitioners, who will be capable of making significant contributions in their own particular fields of contemporary culture. The Year One Art and Design programme begins this process by providing students with the necessary stimuli to encourage self-confidence, self-motivation, and an appetite for knowledge, which will drive their creative practice. Year one recognises the wide variety of backgrounds from which it draws its students. It recognises ethnic, cultural and gender diversity which are the basis of individual originality. The programme endeavours to provide students with the necessary skills, vocabulary and contextual knowledge to progress to second year of honours degree studies. Through an extensive line-up of lectures, seminars and demonstrations, the Year One programme introduces students to the most current issues in Art and Design, through the first hand experiences of contemporary practitioners.
    LSAD is the largest centre for Art and Design outside of Dublin and has an award-winning reputation both nationally and internationally.

    Who is the programme suited to?
    Year One Art & Design is a diagnostic year, where students find their niche and can avail of staff guidance to find the discipline they are best suited for in art and design.

    Programme Aims:

    ​The Stage One 1 Art and Design Programme is designed to:

    (1) Help students make the transition from previous forms of education to become third level students. Our programme is based on the philosophy of “Student Centred Learning” .

    (2) Introduce students to the visual language of Art and Design. This is achieved through seminars, demonstrations, case studies, critical and contextual studies and, primarily, through active engagement in studio practice.

    (3) Teach students how to learn and research so that they become active participants in the development of their own educational strategy. To achieve this, the programme embraces LIT’s mission statement in relation to Active Learning.

    (4) Help students understand that education doesn’t end with graduation. The contemporary environment, in which we live, allows learners access to infinite learning possibilities. The learning methodologies used on this programme equip students to continue to be active learners for the rest of their lives. (5) Help students to develop a facility for critical and analytical appraisal of their own work, that of their peers and of Art and Design in the broader cultural environment. This will be achieved through seminars, individual and group tutorials and through student presentations at both progress reviews and assessments. Students are actively encouraged to set up their own web sites, blogs or use any other forms of social networking to discuss course work (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

    (6) Deliver an active diagnostic experience for students, to help them make informed decisions about the future direction of their education and subsequent career. Students are helped through this often difficult decision process through seminar and exhibition introductions to the six disciplines available at the Limerick School of Art and Design. Students receive realistic practical experiences to further inform their decisions. Throughout the Stage students receive tutorial advice where students can use the experience of the staff to help inform them of their strengths / weaknesses and help recognise areas which show the greatest potential for development.

    (7) To provide students with a historical, cultural, philosophical and social context for their work. This is addressed through an extensive Critical and Contextual Studies Programme. It is also supported by studio based contextual research studies, which result in the production of an extensive contextual research notebook.

    Top 3 Reasons
    1. LSAD is the largest centre for Art & Design outside of Dublin and has an award-winning reputation both here in Ireland and internationally.

    2. With a diagnostic Year 1 you will find your niche and see which discipline you are best suited for in art and design.

    3. We offer Active Learning at its best with practical, hands-on studio environment learning – you don’t just learn the theory, you learn the skill!

    Class Contact Hours
    23 hours per week

    Did You Know?
    LSAD remains ranked as hosting one of the top 100 fashion departments worldwide. http://ceoworld.biz/2016/05/18/top-100-fashion-schools-world-2016-ranking

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