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LC112 First Year Art and Design - Higher Certificate
  • Programme Code:
    Course Level:
    Level 6
    Art & Design
    CAO Points:
    This is a Direct Entry Programme.
    2 Years.
    Limerick (Clare St)

    What is the programme about?
    This 2 year programme is designed to provide you with a good knowledge of fine art and design from a practical and a theoretical point of view, and prepare you for further study in the area.

    Year One of the Higher Certificate in Art and Design programme begins this process by providing you with the necessary stimuli to encourage self-confidence, self-motivation, and an appetite for knowledge, which will drive your creative practice. Year One recognises the wide variety of backgrounds from which it draws its students. It recognises ethnic, cultural and gender diversity which are the basis of individual originality. Through an extensive line-up of lectures, seminars and demonstrations, the Year One programme introduces students to the most current issues in Art and Design, through the first hand experiences of contemporary practitioners. During this year, students select the discipline in which they will specialise in the following year.

    During Year Two of the programme, students specialise in an area of Fine Art or Design, as well as completing modules in Critical and Contextual Studies. For a student who selects a Design discipline (Fashion, Visual Communication, Ceramics, Animation and Motion Design) successful completion of this programme will lead to a Higher Certificate in Design. For a student who selects a Fine Art discipline (Painting, Printmaking and Contemporary Practice, Sculpture and Combined Media, Photography and Lens Based Media) successful completion of this programme will lead to a Higher Certificate in Fine Art.

    There are further progression routes for art and design study, pending successful completion of the Higher Certificate (see section on Further Studies below)

    Top 3 Reasons
    1. LSAD is the largest centre for Art & Design outside of Dublin and has an award-winning reputation both in Ireland and internationally.

    2. With a diagnostic Year 1 you will find your niche and see which discipline you are best suited for in art and design.

    3. The second year offers advanced training and skills in one of eight discipline areas selected by the student during the first year of the programme. This allows students to access streams from across Fine Art and Design.

    Class Contact Hours
    Year 1: 25 hours per week
    Year 2: 24 hours per week

    Did You Know?
    Some LSAD graduates have worked for....Alexander McQueen, Louis Mulcahy, RTÉ, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dynamo Design Unreal-UK, I-am Design London, Design Factory, Design Works, Creative Inc., Atomic Design, Rain Communications..

    Useful Links
    Art and Design at LSAD at http://www.lit.ie/lsad/default.aspx

    For the latest news and information on art and design at LSAD follow LSAD on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LIT.LSAD


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