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LC268 Medical Technology – BSc (Level 7)
  • Programme Code:
    Course Level:
    Level 7
    Applied Science
    CAO Points:
    287 (Round 1) ​​
    Limerick (Moylish)

    What is the programme about?
    In Ireland and internationally the healthcare industry is growing rapidly and is increasingly becoming a sophisticated high technology-based enterprise. The growing use of electronic, computer-controlled and networked equipment has created a demand for specialized, well trained graduates with a focus on the medical applications of electrical/electronic engineering technology. This innovative and exciting new programme aims to address a shortage of skills in this dynamic area and is the only course of its kind in Medical Technology in Ireland.

    Learners will have the opportunity to pursue a multidisciplinary programme of study thereby meeting an emerging and growing demand for technologists with interdisciplinary skills in Medical Technology. The course will allow the learner to combine a knowledge of relevant science disciplines and electrical/electronic and automation principles with the specific knowledge required for medical applications of technology as an integral member of the healthcare/engineering team. Learners will gain valuable hands-on experience in the methods, instrumentation and work practices employed in healthcare sectors during a work placement.

    Emergency First Responder (EFR) training and Fundamental Medical Care Principles & Ethics are provided as an integrated part of the programme. Learners who choose the Year 3 Elective 1 option will be fully prepared to take the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) Exams thereby becoming an accredited Emergency Medical Technician further enhancing the healthcare and clinical role and employment. Learners who choose Year 3, Elective 2 option may choose a Biomedical Industry-orientated career path that facilitates another employment route (without Patient contact) in this ever-growing industry sector.

    Noteworthy features of the programme: 
    • You will develop a unique & excellent skills set; the approach of merging specialist elements of Science & Medical Care with Electrical/Electronic & Automation Technology is a key and distinctive element of this programme.

    • A Year 3 Elective structure facilitates two distinctive employment and career paths (Healthcare & clinical support roles Or Biomedical Industry) as suits individual Learner needs; 

    • You will hone your skills during a built-in work placement in Medical/Clinical and Industrial settings.

    • You will have diverse and varied career and employment opportunities in the dynamic healthcare sector;

    • You will have small class sizes with dedicated lecturers and gain practical hands on experience of the latest cutting edge medical technologies.


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