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LC406 Computer Services - Higher Certificate
  • Programme Code:
    Course Level:
    Level 6
    Information Technology
    2 Years​

    What is the programme about?
    There is a huge amount of activity going on behind the scenes of virtually every IT system regardless of whether delivered to a handheld device, gaming console, manufacturing or business computer. The components of this backend include the network, hardware, operating system, database and program code. Computer Services Management is concerned with the design, planning, implementation and maintenance of this backend infrastructure to ensure that the service is delivered to the user quickly, securely, and accurately.

    This suite of Computer Services Management courses have been designed to provide the learner with the knowledge and skills needed to manage the backend infrastructure. The learner will develop a strong foundation in general computing disciplines and relevant specialized knowledge in systems administration, networks and technical operations service provision.

    Graduates of the Higher Certificate programme will develop a good foundational knowledge in IT and have the skills required to operate as first line computer support technicians or as IT trainers. They will be able to troubleshoot a significant selection of IT problems and communicate effectively with a range of IT support stakeholders.

    The range of positions in which they may take up work include:
    • Computer Technician
    • IT Trainer
    • Technical Helpdesk Agent
    • Computer sales
    Graduates of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Services Management will be qualified to provide in-depth Level 2 technical support. These graduates will possess attributes which will make them suitable for employment in a range of positions that might include:
    • Network Systems Administrator
    • Project Manager of ICT Installations
    • Database Systems Administrator
    • Developer of e-commerce sites
    • Data/Cloud Services Centre Operative
    • Small business manager offering network and computing
    • repairs & installations
    Students who attain the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Services Management will be qualified to provide Level 3 technical support and will be able to handle the most difficult or advanced problems. This level of support is at managerial level and can include research and the development of enterprise computing solutions.

    The range of positions in which they might work include:
    • Systems Architect
    • Computer Services Engineer
    • Web Analyst
    • Senior Networks System Administrator
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • Computer Services Manager

    Class Contact Hours
    Each year has 2 semesters and contact hours are:

    Year 1
    Semester 1 – 26 hours
    Semester 2 – 23 hours

    Year 2
    Semester 1 - 26 hours
    Semester 2 – 23 hours

    Other Information
    This programme is run at LIT Tipperary, Nenagh Road, Thurles, Co Tipperary


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