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MA in Social Practice & the Creative Environment (Level 9)

MA SPACE Associations

National Sculpture Factory
The National Sculpture Factory is a national organisation, dedicated to artists, which advances the creation and understanding of contemporary art. Specifically, it provides and promotes a supportive environment for the making of art, opportunities for commissioning new works, collaborations, residencies and other artistic interventions. The National Sculpture Factory is an organisation, which reflects and initiates dynamic artistic practice, supports and facilitates ideas, strengthens support networks for professional artists and acts as a public art resource centre. The National Sculpture Factory is an integral part of and impacts on the city, county and national fabric, as well as its cultural and artistic life. MASPACE and the National Sculpture Factory are committed to providing students with artistic links to current socially engaged arts activities nationally through strategic seminar and workshop programmes.

WARP (Workshop for Art Research and Practice) at University of Florida, USA.
In February 2011 MA SPACE established a working relationship with the School of Art+ Art History at the University of Florida at Gainsville, USA in collaboration with faculty member and visual artist Sean Miller. This on-going association will explore the relationship between socially engaged practice and the University/Art School, featuring invited curators, researchers, staff/student exchanges and educators.

Create is the national development agency for collaborative arts. Create supports artists across all artforms who work collaboratively with communities, be they communities of place or communities brought together by interest. Create seeks to foster current and future potential for collaboration between artists and publics, encouraging art projects that reflect the exciting ways in which collaborative arts represent a complex range of ideas and approaches. MASPACE and CREATE are currently working to provide strategic opportunities for students to avail of related training programmes, seminars and workshops, available through the organisation.

Learning Hub Limerick
The Northside Learning Hub is an innovative and creative project based in the northside of Limerick City which works with young people, the wider community and partner schools and third level colleges to add value to the social and educational experience of young people and their families living in the surrounding area. MASPACE and the Northside Learning Hub are committed to developing ongoing dialogue related to issues of socially engaged practice, marginalisation and access.

Wired FM
Wired FM is a Student Community of Interest Radio station, licensed by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (as the IRTC). The station has an active policy of facilitating access, communication and participation for all third-level students to its studios which are currently located in Mary Immaculate College and Limerick Institute of Technology. Wired FMs mission statement states that the station;
‘provides a service that entertains while at the same time provides an accessible platform for information, debate and concerns pertaining to all aspects of student life and to create an awareness of the student community in the region’.
Broadcasting on 99.9FM, Wired transmits 42 hours of programming every week during the academic year. Wired FM broadcasts a wide range of programmes, including breakfast shows, student current affairs, documentaries, development education programmes, arts, book and films shows.
Postgrads from MA SPACE are afforded the opportunity to undertake in-house radio production training for broadcasting on Wired FM.

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