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Disability/Specific Learning Difficulties Support

The Fund for Students With Disabilities is funded by the Irish Government and co-funded from the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.


LIT Procedure FAQs


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At L.I.T., how does a student with a disability register with the Access Service?

  • When students initially apply through the CAO, they submit supplementary information regarding their disability. This information might include supporting documentation​ from their secondary school, documentation from the State Examination Board, a psycho-educational assessment (which ideally will be no more than three years old), reports from consultants and occupational therapists, and a statement from the student as to how he/she has been affected by the disability.
  • Once a student accepts a position at LIT, the Access Service then downloads the supplementary information from the CAO and the students are contacted for a registration appointment with the Disability Officer or the Dyslexia Support Tutor as soon as possible. This appointment involves a comprehensive overview of the student's documentation and input from the student to determine need. If a student is transferring from another third level institution or did not disclose their disability to the CAO, he/she can present to the Access Service of his/her own volition, with the required documents.
  • Once the student’s needs assessment has been completed and appropriate supports agreed, details of the student’s requirements are input to Banner (GOAMEDI) and can be accessed by all Faculty Administrators. In addition, the Disability Service issues the student with a ‘Letter of Accommodation’ which they can then provide to relevant lecturers.

What accommodations can registered students avail of?

What about Apprentices who are completing a phase at LIT and may not be able to present at the beginning of the year?

How can I ensure that students with disabilities can access my lectures/tutorials?

How do I assist students with an SLD if they approach me with any concerns?

What do I do if a student with SLD approaches me for an extension?

What can I do to assist a student with SLD who is not Meeting course requirements?

What Professional Development is available in regard to improving my understanding of SLDs and ensuring that my lectures/tutorials are accessible to students with SLDs?



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