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The deadline to register for exam supports is 3rd November 2017.
If you have not already registered with the Disability Service, please contact the Disability Officer for an appointment immediately.

Email: Disability@lit.ie:

Tel: (061) 293112​​​​


Reasonable Accommodations

It is the policy of the Institute to facilitate by all appropriate means the participation of students with Disability in the programmes offered by the Institute.

  1. Students who have Special Learning Needs or Disability, and wish to apply for special arrangements for sitting assessments, must provide to Limerick Institute of Technology a copy of the Assessment Report upon which the Reasonable Accommodation is based. Such Report shall be accompanied where possible by details of any special facilities that may have been provided for the Student in State Examinations before entering Limerick Institute of Technology.
  2. Where a learning difficulty becomes apparent during a Student’s attendance at Limerick Institute of Technology, the Student shall be informed of the need for a medical/psychological assessment report to enable him/her to avail of any special arrangements.
  3. It shall be the responsibility of the Student to arrange for and produce such a report before the Institute provides any special examination arrangements.
  4. Special arrangements that may be required at assessment times may include:
    1. The use of reader/writer – see guidelines in Section 4.14 of these Regulations.
    2. Extra time allowance – including possible supervised rest breaks
    3. Tapes and typescripts of answers
    4. Additional equipment
    5. Special alternative forms of assessment
  5. The existence of a Specific Learning Difficulty does not automatically entitle a Candidate to special examination arrangements. Even though a person may have a Specific Learning Difficulty, he/she may not require the provision of special facilities – a decision can only be made on the basis of a medical/psychological assessment.
    1. The Institute shall confirm with the Student whether he/she has been given any special facilities in Faculty/School for sitting examinations before entering the Institute. Previously agreed arrangements may be repeated.
    2. In the event of no evidence being produced to indicate that an assessment has been previously carried out, then a medical/psychological assessment and report would need to be completed in order to assess the extent of the difficulty and to indicate the appropriate support required.
  6. When special arrangements have been made in the case of a Student with Special Learning Needs, a report detailing the nature and extent of the arrangements shall be prepared by the Invigilator and appended to the Student’s examination script.

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