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A huge thank you to our sponsors who without their continued support these Student Scholarships would not be possible.
Analog, Averian Global, Bank Of Ireland, BHP, Cook, Grant Thorton, Holmes O'Malley Sexton, Irish Public Body Insurance (IPB), Property Management Ireland (PMI), John & Helen Hartnett, Josephine and Paddy Feehily, Pinergy, Roadbridge, Sean & Linda Shine


The receipt of this scholarship has had a huge impact on my life, before I received the scholarship, college could not be a priority day to day as I was worried about income to put me through college. I am 25 living out of home in limerick and going to college in Thurles. The first two months of college were very hard as I was trying to juggle work and college and I could barely afford petrol to get to college, since I received the scholarship I have gained so much confidence knowing somebody made a decision to choose me. Since receiving this scholarship I go to college every day with the thought of doing the very best for myself and my family. After receiving the scholarship I bought my first ever laptop, I have attended 3 conferences and started a mini library of strength and conditioning books. I don’t worry about my finances anymore and while I still have the burden of working most evenings I no longer need to take on extra hours to get by, I can be fully focused on college.
This scholarship program is huge for the community, it not only gives students financial aid it also gives students a confidence boost that we all need to succeed. I could never express how grateful I am for receiving this opportunity, but my aim is to succeed through my grades and my career so eventually I can give back to those who should great faith in me.

The scholarship helped me and i know it sounds steep but if I didn’t get it I probably wouldn’t have made it past my first year and nothing to do with me not wanting it I was just so financially deprived, started my first year with an old school bag that was tied to together and was the only one in class without the material so i was falling behind and being able to set myself up and get my books and things and just feeling at ease and also as i live with my mother and younger siblings all in education too so it’s hard at home financially just living week by week and was so beneficial for me in that point of view too as I could help out my mother and last year it was nice to have a bit of money to have to be comfortable so in every aspect it has helped me so much and I’m so happy I was awarded it!

Education is so important and with the scholarship education is now attainable for me. College is stressful at times with assignment deadlines to meet and exams to study for, money is the last thing I needed to worry about. With the scholarship I have been able to cut down on part-time work which allows me to focus more on college and achieve good grades. I also feel so much more motivated to do well in college so that I can show my gratitude and how much this scholarship really means to me. Thank you so much for everything. "


This scholarship has helped me in so many ways. Before getting this scholarship back in first year I couldn't see myself going back to college after Christmas back then because I didn't have the money to buy books needed but now I'm in 3rd year and I've never felt so happy in my life. This scholarship has helped me stay at college. This scholarship means I have someone believing in me to finish college and this inspires me to do my best every day and every year at college.


If I didn’t have this scholarship I would have really struggled finically when it comes to college supplies, books and things such as trips.  Getting this scholarship helped me greatly in my first year of college, I was able to buy all the college books I needed which is fantastic and helps way more with college assignments and study I know they have the books in the library but having my own books allows me to progress more because I have them whenever I want to study or just simply read about one of my subjects.
I was able to buy myself a laptop and printer which I badly needed to be able to do my assignments at home which really benefitted me in the end and still helps massively to get all my stuff done on time and it is a lot less stress.
My desire is to have a very successful career in the social care area, I have a passion and love for this area of work I absolutely love psychology and every aspect of it and I think this scholarship is one of the reasons why I am so dedicated to getting my degree done and doing well. I am truly thankful to all that helped me get the scholarship and I can’t thank my sponsors enough.
The scholarship has had a major impact on all aspects of my life; financially, academically and personally, and for that I cannot express my gratitude more to my sponsors.
I’m so grateful to my sponsors giving me the opportunity to do the course I love, excel in my career path, and to achieve my dream degree in Fashion Knitwear & Textiles here in LSAD.
  So far the scholarship has enabled me to complete my first year in college successfully, which at a time I didn’t think I’d be able to achieve with the financial responsibilities that come with being an independent college student living away from home.
 The scholarship has also helped me thrive in college and within the fashion industry, and has also given me the opportunity, to go abroad for 3 months to work alongside designer Orla Kiely and her amazing design team in London over the summer, where I met some amazing people along the way who I can gratefully thank for the life-long memorable experience.
Kelly Ann


Without the support of the scholarship programme, I would not have been given the eye-opening insight to the fast-pace fashion industry in one of the worlds biggest fashion capitals or have taken all the experiences I’ve learnt with me, one in which I was able to see Orla Kielys SS16 collection from beginning to end where I was invited back in September for fashion week to see the collection walk down the runway for the first time. With the internship I gained experience and skills in every aspect imaginable in the industry, from pattern drafting, to writing out prototypes, and even working in their shop in Covent Garden where I dressed their front display, and more importantly got to meet and learn more about the clientele of Orla Kiely.
I specifically remember the day I was awarded the scholarship by my sponsors and how they couldn’t emphasise more the importance of supporting the youth in education, to help them excel in their chosen career paths. Paul O’Connell specifically saying - “Training for sport is a parallel to education. It’s about preparing yourself and the more support you get along the way the better. I’m really delighted to be involved and wish the students every success.” Thanks to my sponsors I don’t have to work long hours every day, enabling me to focus more on college and also putting more time and energy into positive work within the community.
Since starting my 2nd academic year I’ve become a member of The Limerick Volunteer centre which has opened many doors for me. I am successfully working towards becoming an AVP facilitator, making positive changes through workshops with inmates and also work with children from 4-12yrs old teaching arts and crafts. I’ve also held workshops for Limerick book week in libraries in my area for local primary schools. And now have the pleasure in working with LIT event management students who have organised an event in aid of an amazing charity which works with kids through art, called The Blue Box.
I really don’t think putting into words can remotely sum up the positive changes and all the amazing experiences I’ve gained through the Scholarship, which undoubtedly would not have been possible without all the enthusiasm and support I receive from my sponsors and all the people who helped me along the way in getting here. I hope to continue and excel in my career and make the most of the programme and everything it has to offer in the up and coming years.
Hope to see you all soon in the near future!
Sorcha ​​

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