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Grants & Fees Office

Information on Undergraduate Fees

Undergraduate programme fees consist of the following elements:

  1. A Student Contribution fee;
  2. A Tuition fee and;
  3. A Materials/Health & Safety fee, where applicable.

Student Contribution Charge

The Student Contribution Charge for the academic year 2018/19 is €3,000.  This is an annual charge, which is set by the Government for all full-time third level students.

Students can apply to Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) for a grant which, if approved, may cover 100% of the Student Contribution Charge. For information on Grants go to www.susi.ie.

EU Tuition Fees
The EU Tuition fees for the academic year 2018/2019 will be as follows:

Programme                                                               Annual EU Tuition Fee Rate
Higher Certificate (Level 6)                                                            €250
Ordinary Degree (Level 7)                                                             €250
Honours Degree (Level 8)                                                             €819
Honours Degree - Engineering (Level 8)                                       €1,450

Most full-time undergraduate students will be covered by the *Higher Education Authority Free Fees Initiative scheme for their tuition fee, and therefore will only have to pay the aforementioned Student Contribution Fee.

However, students undertaking a second undergraduate programme, non-EU students, students studying by ACCS mode and students taking a year of a programme for a second time (i.e. repeating a year/level) may be liable for tuition fees.

Students who have previously attended another third level programme must complete a previous third-level form and submit it to the admissions office so they can determine the tuition fee liability.  These forms can be requested from admissions@lit.ie.

To see if you qualify for the free tuition fees, please see our HEA Free Tuition Fees Initiative webpage. http://www.lit.ie/GrantsandFees/FreeFees.aspx

Materials/ Health & Safety Fee

Students on undergraduate programmes in the Department of Applied Science have to pay a Health and Safety fee of €45.00 for the academic year 2018/2019.

Students on undergraduate Art & Design programmes will have to pay a Materials fee of €75.00 for the academic year 2018/2019.

Please note that these fees are not covered by SUSI and must be paid by the student before they start their programme.

A full list of additional fees can be viewed on Table 2 of our Schedule of Fees Section www.lit.ie/GrantsandFees/Documents/Undergraduate_Other_Programme_Costs.pdf

Payment Options

All Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate students can avail of three payment options:

Option 1:       100% on registration.
Option 2:       50% on registration and 50% by the 15th January.
Option 3:       By Instalment Plan – Signed and Agreed with the Grants & Fees Office.

Please contact the Grants & Fees Office if you require more details on setting up the instalment plan.  Email:  studentfees@lit.ie or  Phone: +35361-293366.

Late Fee Payment Penalties

1st Instalment:           Non-payment by the 31st October will incur a late payment charge of €50
2nd Instalment:          Non-payment by the 15th January will incur a late payment charge of €100


Examination results will not be released to any student with an outstanding fee.  Students will not be permitted to register for the next academic session or graduate until their outstanding fees are paid in full.


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