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​Curriculum Links and Real-World Learning Experiences

The Green-Campus programme encourages linkages to students’ academic studies, and that active learning opportunity has been embraced in our work – at least six modules across four courses have had formal learning activities connected to Green-Campus. Examples include:

  • Environmental students have created signage for the Thurles canteen, carried out waste audits and undertook an opinion survey. Two fourth year students completed dissertations related to Green-Campus.
  • Three computer students developed software to take data from an electricity meter and a water meter installed on the Thurles campus. The software processes the data and allows the user to visualise it using customised graphs. These graphs are displayed on a computer screen in the corridor outside the Thurles canteen. This greatly assists in monitoring the environmental performance of the campus.
  • Social & Community Studies and Environmental students worked together in a problem-based learning (PBL) format to consult with external organisations in Thurles, to explore possible co-operation on environmental issues. This led to a deputation of students and staff presenting to a local authority meeting regarding the planned Thurles Town Park.

The committee encourage staff to consider linking assignments into Green-Campus. Where students have choice regarding the topic for an assignment, the committee again encourages linkage to Green-Campus. If you’d like to discuss possibilities, see the contact details though the menu on the right.



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