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Induction Timetables

1st Year induction classes will commence on Wednesday September 4th 2019.

The schedules for these classes are outlined in the draft Induction timetables below.

Please note that these timetables cover the induction period in Week 1 only.

Full 1st year academic timetables (commencing on Monday September 9th 2019) will be available at this link shortly.

2nd, 3rd  & 4th year classes will commence on Monday September 9th 2019.

Full academic timetables will be available at this link shortly.

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Induction Timetables (1st Years week 1 only)

Click the department title to download the induction timetable.


Art & Design

  • LC276_LC371 - Creative Broadcast Induction (Moylish)
  • LC270_LC372 - Music Technology and Production Induction (Moylish)


Department of the Built Environment

  • LC248 - Built Environment (common Entry) Induction (Moylish)
  • LC251 - Civil Engineering Induction (Moylish)
  • LC252 - Civil Engineering Management Induction (Moylish)
  • LC241 - Construction Management Induction (Moylish)
  • LC253 - Construction Induction (Moylish)
  • LC257_LC340 - Interior Design and Technology Induction (Moylish)
  • LC242 - Property Valuation and Management Induction (Moylish)
  • LC243 - Quantity Surveying Induction (Moylish)


Department of Business and Financial Services:

  • LC221_LC224 - Accounting and Finance Induction (Moylish)
  • LC230_LC330 - Business Computing Induction (Moylish)
  • LC320 - Business Induction (Moylish)
  • LC223_LC227 - Law and Taxation Induction (Moylish)


Department of Marketing, Enterprise and Digital Communication:

  • LC220 - Digital Marketing Induction (Moylish)
  • LC226_LC229 - Enterprise and Innovation Induction (Moylish)
  • LC222_LC225 - Marketing and Management Induction (Moylish)


Department of Sport Leisure and Tourism:

  • LC392 – Business Studies with Beauty and Spa Management Induction (Moylish)
  • LC293_LC391 - Business Studies with Travel and Tourism Induction (Moylish)
  • LC298 - Culinary Arts Induction (Moylish)
  • LC294 - Business Studies with Event Management Induction (Moylish)
  • LC296 - Hotel Front Office Management Induction (Moylish)
  • LC299 - Hospitality Studies Induction (Moylish)
  • LC290 – Sports Community Development Induction (Moylish)
  • LC228 - Sports Development and Coaching Induction (Moylish)
  • LC295 - Business with Sports Management Induction (Moylish)


Department of Applied Social Sciences:

  • LC297 - BA in Community Development Induction (Moylish)
  • LC393 - BA in Early Childhood Education and Care Induction
  • LC292 - BA in Social Care Work Induction (Moylish)


Department of Applied Science:

  • LC260 - Applied Biology Induction (Moylish)
  • LC362 - Biotechnology with Biopharmaceutical Science Induction (Moylish)
  • LC263 - Clinical Technology Induction (Moylish)
  • LC266 - Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis Induction (Moylish)
  • LC265 - Forensic and Pharmaceutical Sciences Induction (Moylish)
  • LC268 - Medical Technology Induction (Moylish)


Department of Electrical Engineering:

  • LC279_LC376 - Electronic Engineering Induction (Moylish)
  • LC271_LC275 - Electrical Engineering Induction (Moylish)
  • LC277_LC375 - Industrial Automation and Robotic Systems Induction (Moylish)
  • LC278_LC374 - Renewable and Electrical Energy Systems Induction (Moylish)


Department of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering:

  • LC284 - Agricultural Mechanisation Induction (Moylish)
  • LC281 - Automobile Technology Induction (Moylish)
  • LC282_LC288 - Mechanical Engineering Induction (Moylish)
  • LC283_LC289 - Precision Engineering Induction (Moylish)
  • LC286 - Road Transport Technology and Management Induction (Moylish)


Department of Information Technology:

  • LC239 - Computer Networks and Systems Management Induction (Moylish)
  • LC234 - Interactive Digital Media Induction (Moylish)
  • LC235_LC236 - Internet Systems Development Induction (Moylish)
  • LC233 - Software Development Induction (Moylish)




Department of Applied Social Sciences:

  • LC401_LC432 - BA in Early Childhood Education and Care Induction (Thurles)
  • LC402 - BA in Social Care Work Induction (Thurles)


Department of Sport Leisure and Tourism:

  • LC411_LC413 - Marketing and Management Induction (Thurles)
  • LC422_LC423 - Sports Strength and Conditioning Induction (Thurles)


Department of Applied Science:

  • LC408_LC425 - Environmental and Geographical Systems Induction (Thurles)
  • LC428_LC434 - Environmental Management in Agriculture Induction (Thurles)


Department of Information Technology:

  • LC403 - Data Analytics and Cyber Security Induction (Thurles)
  • LC418 - Games Design and Development Induction (Thurles)



Art & Design:

  • LC504_LC517 - Creative Multimedia Induction (Clonmel)
  • LC518 - Digital Animation Production Induction (Clonmel)
  • LC502 - Game Art and Design (Clonmel)


Clare Street

Art & Design

  • LC110 - Art and Design (Clare Street)
  • LC111_LC114 - Fashion and Textiles for Product and Costume



Department of Applied Social Sciences:

  • ​LC602_LC612 - Social Care Work Induction
  • LC603_LC613 - BA in Early Childhood Education and Care Induction

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