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Super Homes 2.0

Superhomes 2.0 - Optimisation of Air Source Heat Pump Applications in NZEB Residential Retrofits

Duration: 24 Months (April 2017 – April 2019)
LIT Project Budget: €453,970
Total Project Budget: €772,960

Superhomes 1.0, a concept developed by the Tipperary Energy Agency (TEA) combines a range of deep retrofit measures with Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), Wood Stoves and Photovoltaic (PV) technologies.  Superhomes also integrates ESBs Connected Home Solution, a home energy management system, which allows homeowners to track and engage with their electricity consumption via on-line tools and applications.  As this innovative energy retrofitting approach is rolled out by the TEA, opportunities for further optimisation have been identified.


The Aims and Objectives of the Superhomes 2.0 project are:

  • Develop models of a typical Superhomes 1.0 dwelling, using appropriate tools e.g. Matlab/Simulink, with particular focus on critical ASHP operation factors (flow temp, thermal storage capacity etc.).  Following simulation, develop a ASHP Optimisation controller (ASHP Opto) which will be field tested in a selection of Superhome buildings.
  • Model PV system outputs, Space and DHW heating profiles for Superhomes dwellings with a view to developing algorithms and strategies to optimise PV output usage.  A PV control module (ASHP PV) will be developed and tested with a view to integrating it into ESBs Connected Home solution. 
  • Define a specific HP Time of Use (ToU) Tariff, following analysis of building and ASHP electricity demand profiles, which will be tested and trailed using ESBs Pay As You Go meters.
  • Assess the impact of ASHP operation on the electricity grid operational characteristics through a small scale metering programme.
  • Develop a fully integrated Superhomes 2.0 solution for the market which integrates a NZEB retrofit package with an optimised ASHP control system and a Smart Home Energy Management system. 
  • Move the Superhomes concept from its pilot phase to a point where a clear business model has been developed for the TEA and ESB to facilitate its large scale deployment Nationally


LIT Activities (Development Unit):
LIT will lead the project team and will develop

  • A prototype ASHP Optimisation (ASHP Opto) Control Unit which will take inputs from the building and ASHP and adjust related operational characteristics for optimum ASHP energy performance and homeowner comfort.  This unit will be capable of integration with existing HP control systems.
  • A prototype ASHP PV (ASHP PV) Module, which can be integrated into ESBs Smart Connected Home solution, which optimises utilisation of PV output (to meet local demand or via Thermal Energy Storage).
  • A recommended HP ToU Tariff (ASHP ToU) which has been tested on the market and has the capability of roll out via Smart Metering solutions in the future.
  • Commercialisation pathways for the ASHP Opto, PV and ToU which will facilitate their development as an integrated package or as individual components.
  • A business development plan for the TEA and ESB to scale the Superhomes concept and also exploit the relevant IP and solutions developed within Superhomes 2.0
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Further Information:

Project Conference & Reports

Project Website:

Data Analysis: 

Geoff Hunter
Email: Geoff.hunter@lit.ie

Heat Pump Optimisation:
Padraic O’ Reilly
Email: Padraic.oreilly@lit.ie

Research and Data Acquisition:
Michael O’ Shea
Email: MichaelP.OShea@lit.ie

Development Unit Manager:
Seamus Hoyne
Email: seamus.hoyne@lit.ie





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