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LIT to hold Free Leaving Certificate Revision Seminars *NOW FULLY BOOKED

Limerick Institute of Technology is pleased to announce its Free Revision Seminar Series for students undertaking the Leaving Certificate examinations in June 2018. The seminars will take place at the Moylish Campus, Limerick.

Please note pre-booking is essential. For further information, contact the Schools Liaison team at: schools@lit.ie or 0504 28021.

Date: 8th May 2018, 7-9pm
Subject: Chemistry
Topic: Organic Chemistry (Higher Level & Ordinary Level) *NOW FULLY BOOKED

The Organic Chemistry workshop will be presented by Dr. Maria Sheehan, an experienced Chemistry and Science teacher, and is also National Secretary of the Irish Science Teachers' Association. In this session, Maria will guide the students through Questions on Organic Chemistry preparations for the Leaving Certificate papers - both Higher and Ordinary. This is a significant and important part of the course. Notes and sample questions will be provided. Marie Walsh from the Department of Applied Science at LIT will also be available before the session to answer any questions on courses in Science in LIT.


The Mathematics workshops will focus on a particular strand of the Leaving Certificate curriculum - details outlined below. The two hours will provide the learner with a detailed understanding of a few core skills rather than a glance at a wide variety of material. The workshops will run at a pace dictated by the students so it may not be possible to cover all of the topics outlined below. We hope that the experience will be beneficial and enjoyable for all present. Dr Maura Clancy, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at LIT will conduct the workshops.

Date: 14th May 2018, 7pm – 9pm
Subject: Mathematics (Higher Level) *NOW FULLY BOOKED

This workshop will focus on Strand 5 Section 2 (calculus). After a brief introduction to the concept of differentiation, the learner will revise differentiation of core functions such as polynomial, exponential, trigonometric and logarithms as well as the derivatives of sums, differences, products, quotients and compositions of functions. The learner will then go on to apply differentiation to determine rates of change, maxima and minima. If time permits, the learner will revise integration of core functions and use integration to find the average value of a function over a given interval. 

Date: 15th May 2018, 7pm – 9pm
Subject: Mathematics (Ordinary Level) *NOW FULLY BOOKED

This workshop will focus on Strand 4 (algebra). Numerous studies have identified core algebraic manipulation as a major weakness in many first year 3rd level students. This workshop will revise as many algebraic techniques as time permits such as addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of algebraic expressions including algebraic fractions. Transposition of formulae, solving linear equations/inequalities in context, factorise expressions of order two, simultaneous equations (two linear or one linear one of order two). If time permits, the learner will revise addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of complex numbers. ​


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