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LIT Sports Scholarships

​LIT Sports Scholarships



Limerick Institute of Technology are looking to award scholarships to individuals who are seeking to progress to the highest level in their chosen sport. This new scheme will not just reward athletes for their ability and previous performances but help them develop their sporting ability hand in hand with their academic responsibilities. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. Application form available online.

An individualisation package of benefits will be given and may include:

Academic support – where possible a student may be afforded some extra tuition
Coaching Support – best practice
Sports Psychology – access to a sports psychology consultant
Injury Management – access to physiotherapy
Gym Use – free membership to the Gym on campus
Sports Nutrition – access to information on Nutrition
Financial Support – towards fees, books, equipment, travel etc…
LIT Merchandice – some clothing items
Coaching Courses – Access to various coaching courses

Each scholarship will be determined by the needs of the individual and his/her chosen sport. The scholarships will be decided by the LIT Sports Council. Any support services will depend on the type of scholarship awarded to the individual and maybe paid in full or subsidised. Additional support may be given to individual on a discretionary basis by request to the LIT Sports Council.

You must meet the following Criteria:

All prospective and current LIT students can apply for a sports scholarship. All prospective students must meet LIT entry requirements through the CAO system and accept, enrol and register in a full time course in LIT in September. All Current students must have passed their examinations and showed satisfactory academic progression and have excelled in their chosen sport. Compete at the highest level in your chosen sport while in LIT. Show satisfactory attendance at matches, training and classes while playing with LIT. Help with coaching, administration, promotion and development of your sports club in LIT. Once all this criteria is met you will be considered for a sports scholarship in LIT and you may be called for an interview to determine if you’re successful or not.

The sports council have the final decision in your application for the scholarship and have the right to terminate your scholarship if the criteria is not being met.

*LIT Sports Scholarships are for persons of excellent sporting ability.​​​​​


Munster Council GAA Bursaries

GAA National Bursaries scheme (€750 per year) for students attending Higher Education colleges

Bursaries will be administered by the Provincial Councils and awarded in accordance with the conditions outlined below and any additional criteria laid down by individual Provincial Councils

Application will be open to members of the Association who are attending a full-time Higher Education course (except those who hold another GAA-related or college scholarship/bursary) and who are active participants in their Higher Education club. Candidates may be awarded bursaries in successive years (limit of two years only), subject to passing exams and satisfactory evidence of a significant contribution to the college club.

An application form is available from the Sports Office in LIT in September and can also be downloaded from the Munster Council Website http://munster.gaa.ie/clubs/munster_gaa_bursaries/

Applicants will complete these forms and get them signed by the College GAA Development Officer located in the Sports Office. These completed forms must then be returned to the Sports Office by the closing date. You will then be called for an interview to determine if your successful or not.


LIT Sports Scholarship Launch and Panel Discussion on Player Welfare (Age 18-22yrs)


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