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Student's Union

LIT Student's Union

Mission statement:
Limerick Institute of Technology Students’ Union will act as a voice for every student to enhance the college experience by providing social, academic and cultural support that is effective, reliable and inclusive. We are dedicated to providing a multidisciplinary service of advice and understanding for all.

LIT Student’s Union is the representative body for the students of Limerick Institute of Technology Moylish, LITSU Tipperary (Thurles and Clonmel), Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD), Clare Street.

We represent student views at an institute wide-level, on various committees and bodies throughout the college and communicate them to management in LIT.

The Students’ Union works actively to resolve student issues. We act as a channel of communication to bring your issues to the attention of College Management. In order to resolve your issues we need to hear them. Please contact us here :

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Your Student Union Team:

Overall President (Moylish)  
Jade Foynes

E: supres@student.lit.ie
T: +353 83 0403553     

Overall Vice President (Moylish)
Dylan Ryan

E: suvicepres@student.lit.ie
T: +353 83 8570211

LIT, LSAD President (Clare Street)
Sinead Nix

E: su_artcollege@student.lit.ie
T: +353 83 1522307

Reception (Overall Contact)
Katie Brennan

E: su.reception@student.lit.ie
T: +353 61 293135

LIT, Thurles President (Thurles) / LIT, Clonmel President (Clonmel))
Michael O’Connell

E: su_thurles@student.lit.ie
E: su_clonmel@student.lit.ie
T: +353 83 8571983

LIT, Thurles Vice President (Thurles)
Candice Forde

E: su_thurles_dc@student.lit.ie
T: +353 504 28022

Class Representatives:

Each class elects a Class Rep who acts as a liaison between the SU and the students of LIT and also between lecturers and students. A Class Rep provides an important link between his/her class and the Students’ Union, informing the Students’ Union of their concerns and problems faced by students on a day to day basis.  They act as ambassadors for their class and may actively engage in organising class based activities such as social and training events.

Class reps operate on a voluntary basis, freely giving of their time to enhance their fellow students’ college experience and campus life. Becoming a Class Rep gives a student the opportunity to differentiate themselves and their curriculum vitae. Employers are very interested in both academic and work/life experience.
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Wellness and Welfare:

The Students’ Union delivers educational and awareness campaigns throughout the year to help students to manage personal issues including sexual health, mental health, accommodation, finance, safety,  alcohol and drugs. These campaigns address different issues which may affect students in an attention-grabbing, fun and effective way.please talk soc.jpg
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The Students’ Union organises a wide range of entertainment events throughout the year. These include regular club nights, Fresher’s Week, Halloween Ball, Student Week and graduation balls to name a few . Keep up to date with events on Facebook and for when tickets for events will be available. Tickets for events are available from the SU reception. The SU reception is open daily from 9.30am to 5pm.

Student Union Centre:

On the Moylish campus the Student Union building is located in Block 14 (otherwise affectionately known as “Up the Hill”). The building hosts a games room consisting of pool tables, table tennis, projectors, darts board, sound system and computers. Students can log onto all social media sites on these computers which are banned in certain areas of the college. The building is open to all students and is also wheelchair accessible.

The SU also has a coffee shop where one can sit back and relax on the couches or catch up with some assignment work. The SU building also hosts the college radio station Wired FM (which is run by students and broadcasts Monday to Thursday), accommodation office, sports office and the careers office.
student centre 2.jpgstudent centre.jpg
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Societies are set up by students for the benefit of students and are a fantastic way of making friends, gaining new skills and enjoying your time in college.

If you are not interested in the clubs or societies that are on offer then you can always start your own. If you have an idea for a society that would be beneficial and fun for students then please contact the Students’ Union on how to do this.

Societies in LIT:

Dj Soc.jpgmusic society 1.jpgmusicsociety.jpgphotog society.jpg


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