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BIMZeED – EDucation for Zero Energy Buildings using Building Information Modelling




Duration: 36 months (November 2018 – November 2021)
LIT Project Budget: €218,118
Total Project Budget: €955,633

What is BIMZeED?


The BIMZeED project intends to improve the human-capital basis of the construction sector, acting on Institutes of Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training systems in Europe. The project supports the construction industry, through education and training to upskill on technical innovation and digitalization.

BIMZeED develops and pilots 12-16 innovative Learning Units especially focused on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings and Building Information Modelling demonstrating how BIM can assist with achieving cost effective NZEB construction. The trainings directly target HEIs / VETs educators and, indirectly, the potential audience of these educators: SMEs (site managers, craft workers, senior operatives), students and apprentices.

Four European countries, Ireland, Croatia, Spain and Hungary, are involved in the pilot phase during which 120 educators at European HEIs and VETs are trained or upskilled with the new learning resources and training materials. BIMZeED pilots 12-16 Learning Units with 400-500 construction students, site managers, craftworkers and other experienced operatives therefore improving their employability. It works with over 20 various professionals, SMEs, Industry, product and technology providers, R&D and policy makers across Europe to support a profitable and low carbon future.

Objectives and aims of the project
  • The aim of BIMZeED is to create new educational content and resources to address critical knowledge and skills gaps in the field of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB). 
  • The learning content will be designed and developed in cooperation with R&D, Industry and SMEs: this collaboration will help to strengthen employability, creativity and new employment professional pathways in the construction sector across Europe.

Further Information

Project Factsheet (PDF)

Project website


Seamus Hoyne
Development Unit Manager

Lis O’Brien
Project Officer

Padraic O' Reily
Senior Project Assistant

Funded by Erasmus+, KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices –Knowledge Alliances for Higher Education

LIT Activities (Development Unit)

  • LIT leads the project and is responsible for project implementation, management, coordination and reporting to the EU Commission;
  • LIT works with all Partners to create the Gap Analysis Roadmap Plan identifying the know-how gaps in relation to NZEB and BIM subjects in industry and in Education
  • LIT is actively involved in the development of the content for the new Learning Materials to address skills mismatches in the construction sector
  • LIT leads the creation of the E-Learning Portal that includes all the training content and resources