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Towards Zero Carbon

The Toward Zero Carbon team has over 20 years’ experience in the energy management business.

Throughout our time in the industry we have worked with a diverse range of client including members of the Food and Drink, Manufacturing and Public Sectors.

We recognise that security of energy supply, carbon reduction and cost minimisation rank highly among the challenges facing all participants in Irish industry.

Through our hands on experience we have recognised a number of barriers to the successful implementation of energy conservation measures (ECM). Perhaps the most significant of these barriers is the intense competition for capital expenditure.

Securing capital expenditure for the implementation of ECM’s is challenging due to a combination of possible factors including current low energy prices, short run hours of machinery, demand for capital in other areas of the organisation all culminating in unattractive returns on investment.

Our suite of services offer our clients innovative, sustainable and practical solutions to the challenges faced by organisations competing in today’s environment.

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