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Primary Level Initiatives

TUS Access Service recognises the importance of engagement at primary level and is committed to working with DEIS schools (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) to introduce the third-level environment through welcoming and interactive visits.

A programme of activities can be organised for visiting primary schools, which may include:

  • Overview of TUS courses
  • Interactive taster lectures
  • Sample of extra-curricular activities
  • Opportunity to meet with staff and students
  • Tour of the campus

GO4IT Programme - Primary Level

TUS Access Service works in partnership with the Northside Family Resource Centre and linked schools to deliver the Go4IT programme. This programme aims to introduce the concept of lifelong learning and show that education has a real purpose.

The main objectives of the Go4IT programme are:

  • To facilitate increased access to third-level education by young people from the linked areas
  • To raise awareness of educational options for young people and their families
  • To provide young people with a positive experience of third-level education
  • To support young people to reach their full educational potential
  • To break down barriers and misconceptions the participants and their families may have in relation to third-level education
  • To demonstrate that third-level education is a welcoming and supportive place.

The first year of this programme begins in sixth class at primary school. Once the student enters secondary school, the programme works to support their transition and continue to engage them in experiential activities until they complete their Leaving Certificate.

For an overview and highlights of the GO4IT programme, please see the below video.