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Mature Student Applications

Application Process for Mature Students

This Institute welcomes mature students and accepts applications from persons of mature years, that is, those who are 23 years of age on 1 January, preceding entry.  All mature student applicants are processed via the CAO. Such applications, together with documentary proof of relevant work experience and/or qualifications, which applicants wish to have considered, should be submitted to the CAO in line with dates published on the CAO website.

The Univercity may, at their discretion, extend the closing date for mature applicants for specific programmes.  Mature applicants are advised to contact the Admissions Office for a list of such programmes.

Mature Students Applications Process

The following are the TUS guidelines for the processing of Mature Applications:  

  • Details of all mature student applications are received by TUS via the CAO. 
  • The majority of places are offered by TUS to Mature Students as early as possible but no later than 31 March in the year of entry. Mature applicants to all programmes, with the exception of some programmes, are automatically offered a place.
  • For programmes where applicants may be called for interview by TUS please check the this document.
  • All Mature Applicant Offer Letters issued by LIT will clearly advise that the official CAO Offer will be issued in early July (Round A).
  • Please note that applicants who wish to be assessed as a Mature Student can only avail of the CAO ‘Change of Mind’ option if they have consulted directly with the TUS Admissions Office.

Mature Student Calendar of Events

The following is a brief calendar of the annual events related to the Mature Applicant Process:​​

1. 1st February
  • Closing date for submitting applications to the CAO.
2. March/April
  • The Limerick School of Art & Design facilitates portfolio assessments for mature applicants.
  • Interviews for specified programmes in TUS are conducted.
  • Offers will be issued to mature student applicants not requiring assessment or interview.
3. Late April/Early May
  • Offers are issued to mature student applicants who have been successfully interviewed.
  • Mature student applicants are invited to an advisory meeting in late April.
4. 1st May
  • Late closing date on CAO applies to specific programmes. Please contact the admissions office for details.
5. Early July
  • Official notification of offers will be issued by CAO.
  • Acceptances to be retuened to CAO. (Failure to accept an offer by the official reply date will mean cancellation of the CAO offer.)
6. Late August/Early September
  • Registration packs will be issued by TUS.
  • Mature student specific induction is facilitated in LIT during the last week of August.
  • Inuction for all new students is delivered in the first week of September. Teaching commences thereafter.