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Applied Science

Department of Applied Science

LIT science graduates are sought after by industry employers both nationally and internationally as they are recognised for having the highest quality in analytical technical skills and problem solving which spans all scientific disciplines. 

As a science student at LIT 50% of your training will involve practical hands-on experience, which means you have what employers want from day one. 

We offer a range of courses from Applied and Chemistry to Pharmaceutical Science and Clinical Technology. Whichever you choose, practical skills are at our core which give you a passport to the modern scientific world.
So, if you are interested in any of our courses or want to walk through our state of the art laboratories please feel free to contact us!

Applied Science Undergraduate Courses Presentation

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Head of Department
Dr. Daniel J. Walsh BSc, PhD

Further Information
Department of Applied Science
Tel: (061) 293261 (Limerick)
      (0504) 28253 (Thurles)


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