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The Chaplaincy/Pastoral Care Function

The Role of the LIT Chaplain/Pastoral Care

Need to talk?

The Chaplain / Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator provides Pastoral Care for students and staff. 

The Chaplain / Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator is available to speak with students in a confidential and safe environment and treats students with respect and dignity in all situations. Students are free to call to the Chaplain's office  - LIT Tipperary and the Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator's office - LIT Limerick,  at any time or email for an appointment.

Illness and Bereavement

Should you be aware of a student who is ill, involved in an accident or suffered a bereavement please let the Chaplain /Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator know immediately.

LIT Limerick Contact

LIT Tipperary Contact

  • Email:                      
  • Phone: 0504 28032 (Thurles) or 0504 28430 (Clonmel)

Application forms for Fee Waiver, in exceptional circumstances are available from the Chaplain's office /Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator's office.

Student Volunteering

We invite students to assist with fund raising and community projects etc. On completing 20, 40 or 60 hours of placement, (outside of course placement), the student can achieve a commendation from the President of LIT.  Please contact the Chaplain's office for further information:

LIT Tipperary Contact

LIT Limerick Contact 

Emergency Fund

Some students find themselves in financial difficulty at times during the academic year. The Emergency Fund can help in those times of unanticipated emergencies.

LIT Limerick Contact

LIT Tipperary Contact

Institute Liturgies

Various Liturgies take place throughout the academic year. Dates, times and venues will be posted on the various campuses, prior to the event.


The LIT Tipperary Chaplain, Fr. Thomas Hearne, and the LIT Limerick Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator, Theresa O' Sullivan, share the same main priority,  and that is to treat students with respect and dignity in all situations.

Please take good care of yourselves throughout the year and look after each other.