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The Chaplaincy Function

Towards a Network of Caring People

A great many students are involved actively in caring for those who share their Institute years with them. A great many staff, at all levels, also choose to exercise a caring role in a variety of ways. Both students and staff, in significant numbers see themselves supporting the total well-being of the person. This voluntary, collective caring energy often finds a focus for it's expression, development and support in the Pastoral Care role of the Chaplaincy / Chaplain. It is in effect a distinct and significant network of caring people.

A Framework

The Chaplaincy / Chaplain provides Pastoral Care for students and staff. It also provides:

  • A framework, and visible base for the identification and growth of a variety of caring roles.
  • A mechanism for the inclusion of: Clergy / Priest, Religious and Lay Chaplain, as well as specialist personnel.
  • A structure for the participation and training of voluntary collaborators and co–workers. The formality and informality of this network of caring staff and students is determined by the needs and experience in any given College. It is resourced and supported by Chaplaincy personnel, who in turn are resourced and supported by the College.
The Inspiration

The inspiration for Chaplaincy / Chaplain care is the invitation to love as Jesus of Nazareth loves. This distinct identify, the ethos it invites, the commitment it evokes, can contribute positively to the experience of those who share it's source, and to the respect of, and for, those who don't. As well as resourcing and offering inspiration for this network of caring people, and Chaplaincy / Chaplain brings a distinct specific competence to Care, Community and Spirituality.