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BA (Hons) in Photography and Moving Image

Course Code: A8112




3 Years (After 1 year in common entry course)


Art & Design, Fine Art and Education

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Undergrad Add Ons


Clare Street

The Photography and Moving Image BA (Honours) programme provides students with a comprehensive skillset which is founded on the principles of traditional photographic, moving image and lens-based media processes, as they apply and are relevant to the rapidly advancing field of contemporary art and digital media practice. 

This award winning and newly expanded programme offers an engaging education in contemporary photography and moving image practice, while providing students with a comprehensive skillset and knowledge of lens-based media in all its forms, from traditional wet photography to new digital media techniques and technologies. Our briefs embrace the full scope of contemporary lens-based media practice, including digital and analogue photography, moving image, video and sound production, expanded cinema, installation, web-based and printed publication, and digital media production.  This is a stimulating moment for lens-based practitioners willing to explore expanded modes of enquiry. This fine art sensibility combined with critical visual art related skills and practices are transferable and are applicable across a range of creative media industries.

What are the entry requirements?

Entry into Photography, Film, Video is by competition and selection during LC110 First Year Art & Design (Common Entry).                                                   

Applications will also be considered for Advanced Entry from those with a FETAC Level 6 qualification (or equivalent) and/or relevant prior learning.

International Applicants

Non-EU applicants should apply directly to the International Office at LIT allowing plenty of time for completing the visa process. Applications for September start should be made by July 1st at the latest.

Who can I contact?

What modules will I study?

  • Year 2

    Title: Year 2 Detail


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    Students are introduced to the principles of Photography, Film, Video delivered through regular individual and group tutorials, seminars, workshops, fieldtrips, and a visiting lecturer course, the module gives learning resources, time, and space for students to develop and contextualise their individual projects. Our expanded curriculum in Year 2 incorporates professional contemporary lens-based practice in photographic studio capture and briefs which are aimed at broadening the field of lens-based enquiry that will expand the students’ skills and knowledge base framework in the intersection of Fine Art and the Creative Media Industries. It provides opportunities for students to explore a wide gamut of potential areas of interest that may include fine art, publishing, digital media, photo journalism, documentary photography, gallery and project management and fashion/editorial work.

  • Year 3

    Title: Year 3 Detail


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    Students will engage with the principles of photography, film, video and creative media practice in three placements modules.

    Starting with the Preparation for Placement Module which is delivered in the first semester of Year 3, this is the first of three modules, which deal with Placement and Exchange in Year 3. The Preparation for Placement module offers a programme of workshops, talks and presentations which prepares students for successful Placement or Exchange experiences.

    Work Placement

    The overall aim of the placement module is to offer the student the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout their course of study up to this point in a new and relevant experiential setting. This is to be achieved whilst facilitating the student in developing the practical life-skill competencies and communication skills necessary to function as an effective member of the cultural sector and wider society.  The intent is to expand and develop the students’ experience and practice so that they can learn to apply methods from fine art, industry, or other disciplines to their studio process. As part of reflective practice students will produce a learning portfolio where they will evaluate the learning experience gleaned from their placement exchange. Students will also continue to develop skills in photography, lens-based media, multimedia and related software courses.

  • Year 4

    Title: Year 4 Detail


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    In this year there will be a combination of individual and group tutorials, seminars, workshops, professional practice, and a visiting lecturer course.

    This year gives learning resources, time and space for students to develop and contextualise a finished project involving the use of photography and lens-based media towards a final year BA degree exhibition. Students will focus and develop research methods to stimulate in-depth, complex ideas and to integrate such thinking into their practice. An emphasis will be placed on the presentation of a finalised project/exhibition that reflects and builds upon the technical and theoretical knowledge of each student.

Are there opportunities for further study?

Successful graduates of this programme are eligible for Level 9 and 10 postgraduate programmes within the institute or elsewhere.

What are the career prospects?

Our graduates are equipped with a multi-disciplinary skillset, directly transferable to many new creative media industries and contemporary art contexts. It is important to note that technical skills acquired on this course offer students enhanced opportunities to not only deal with cutting edge and innovative contemporary fine art practice, but also, to engage with a wider range of creative media industries and career avenues, along with further education and research opportunities at graduate level.

Graduate careers pathways include but are not limited to a range of photographic and lens- based media occupations such as that of Contemporary Lens Based Media Artist, Camera Operator, Professional Photographer, Filmmaker, Director, Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Video Editor / Colourist, Web Content Producer, Sound Technician, Audio Visual Technician, Special Effects Technician, Gallery Technician, Curator, Art Critic/Writer.

More Information

This course challenges and supports students in engaging with complex contextualised inquiry, responding to the changing multi-modal, multi-media environment we now inhabit, where the lens and all its forms of expression have become the preeminent visual and conceptual language of the 21st century.

Our teaching philosophy is to provide relevant, critically informed, and contemporary education which recognises the need to provide students with an expanded skillset in lens-based media capture and production to explore art, creativity and communication across a variety of fields that includes fine art and media industries. We provide relevant, critically informed, and contemporary education which recognises the ever-evolving field of contemporary lens based visual practice.