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Struan Bell - 3rd Year Sculpture & Combined Media

My name is Struan Bell and I am in 3rd year studying Sculpture and Combine Media in LSAD Clare Street after progressing from the First Year Art & Design course.

I have always been interested in sculpture as well as fine art as a whole. The course really gives you the freedom to explore different mediums and find yourself as an artist. The tutors are also extremely helpful, kind, and are extremely talented artists.

The thing that surprise me most when I started in LSAD was definitely the comradery among students. The fact that everyone is in the same boat when we arrive is great as we were able to connect really quickly. I was also surprised at how welcomed I felt almost instantly.

The thing I like most about my courses is the access to materials, which is amazing. I am not limited to my technical skills as an artist as if I need something large built from a certain material I can ask the amazing technicians. The sculpture studio is also fantastic. It’s a huge, bright space and really allows for many students to work without spatial limitations.

The LSAD Clare Street campus itself is just so lovely. It has such a rich history and is visually beautiful. The fact that the first year of LSAD (First Year Art & Design) is a broad course with no specific discipline is also fantastic. It really helped me find what I really wanted to do by trying everything and seeing what course fit me the best.

As well as study, there are some great clubs and societies in LSAD and TUS overall. I myself am not involved with any at the moment but that is not to say the range of societies are not amazing. My work was recently shown in the newly formed Exhibition Society, who did such an amazing job putting everything together.

As I continue my study, I’m really looking forward to the continuous growth of my work as an artist. The course has helped me evolve as an artist very quickly and I’m excited to see what comes next. I hope to continue my work into the artworld, whether that be as an artist or a gallerist or curator. The artworld has long been a passion of mine and it is where I inevitably want to be.

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