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BBs (Hons) in Business Studies (Marketing and Management)

Course Code: A8222




1 Year


Marketing, Enterprise & Digital Communications

CAO Points


Course Type

Undergrad Add Ons



This one-year add-on programme aims to provide students with a broad theoretical and practical preparation for a career at management level in a variety of business situations.

Leading-edge business thinking is addressed throughout the programme in the context of best contemporary practice. Students are encouraged to become independent and innovative thinkers with a sound understanding of theoretical issues and the ability to put these theories into practice.

The programme has been recognised by the Teaching Council as fulfilling its degree requirement for registration as a post-primary teacher, subject to the complete programme of study being undertaken at LIT (Moylish). As with any other degree, a teaching qualification such as the Professional Diploma in Education is also required.

What are the entry requirements?

Leaving Cert 

A minimum of 2 H5 & 4 O6/H7 grades in six Leaving Certificate subjects, including Mathematics and English or Irish.                                                             

Mature Applicants

Candidates applying as mature applicants may be required to attend an interview and may be requested to take an aptitude test to prove their suitability for a place on this programme. For more information please visit the admissions section of our website.

Who can I contact?

What modules will I study?

  • Semester 1

    Title: Advanced Language and Cultural Studies 1 (Elective)

    Credits: 5

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    This module enables learners to interact with confidence on contemporary topics and to formulate a set of related points in correct and complex language. Learners will employ an increased language processing capacity to initiate and sustain communication in the target language.

    Title: Commercial Law: Business and Advertising Regulation

    Credits: 5

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    The module examines the law and regulation involved in commercial transactions and the relations of the individuals and corporations involved in such transactions. The module therefore deals with the regulation of contracts, employment practices, sale of goods/services and advertising of those goods and services.

    Title: Entrepreneurship & Innovation Policy (Elective)

    Credits: 5

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    Entrepreneurship and innovation are recognised as critical to achieving competitive advantage in all organisations. Innovation not only includes and extends beyond the capability to develop and renew product offerings it also encompasses how they are manufactured and delivered to the market. This module examines the role of entrepreneurship and innovation interplay between competition, new ideas, patterns of technological and market change and the structure and development of internal capabilities to manage innovation successfully.

    Title: Final Year Thesis

    Credits: 15

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    Students can choose any topic of particular interest for their final year project. This allows them to prepare in advance for entry into their preferred careers, giving them an advantage in job interviews or postgraduate applications. Students receive weekly, one-to-one lecturer support whilst working on these projects.

    Title: Global Supply Chain (Elective)

    Credits: 5

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    This module aims to identify how organisations: Design and Develop a Global Supply Chain Strategy, Identify the Implications of Industry Globalization, Evaluate Global Supply Chain Infrastructure, Develop an end to end Process Architecture, Manage and Measure Global Supply Chain Performance.

    Title: International Marketing Strategies

    Credits: 5

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    The aim of this module is to develop learners’ abilities to evaluate critical issues in international marketing and to equip them with a sound knowledge-base of marketing planning in the international and global arenas. During the course of the module international market analysis will be informed by discussions around the key concepts in international marketing, the strategic context for internationalisation and managing both the international marketing effort and international marketing relationships.

    Title: Strategic Management Concepts

    Credits: 5

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    This module provides an understanding of the main elements and implications of strategy. Strategic position along with the impact on strategy of the macro environment, the industry environment, the organisations strategic capability, the stakeholders and the organisational culture are examined in depth.

    Title: Strategic Marketing

    Credits: 5

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    This module examines the role of marketing in strategy development. The move towards a market-led business should be the starting point in business strategy formulation. The aim of this module is to develop the learner's ability to develop a critical approach in analysing, planning and implementing strategic marketing decisions, bearing in mind the organisation's competitive advantage and financial performance.

  • Semester 2

    Title: Advanced Language and Cultural Studies 2 (Elective)

    Credits: 5

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    This module will extend and consolidate linguistic competences, so that the learner can understand and be clearly understood in a wide range of situations with good grammatical control in the target language.

    Social aspects of the target culture will be examined in depth.

    Title: Commercial Law: Intellectual Property and Internet Regulation

    Credits: 5

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    This Commercial Law module deals with Intellectual Property and Internet Regulation. The module is designed to assist the learner in identifying and analysing the legal regulation of the way in which ideas, innovation and artistic endeavour are protected and commercially exploited in the modern digital environment. The module also deals with the law relating to electronic commerce, data protection laws and cybercrime.

    Title: Consumer Behaviour

    Credits: 5

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    The use of contemporary case study material is used to complement academic theory with industry practice to highlight how Consumer Behaviour can have a significant impact in the areas of marketing and business.

    Title: Enterprise Financial & Tax Planning (Elective)

    Credits: 5

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    The learner will analyse and evaluate financial information to assist with decision making and forecasting while cognisant of the tax implications of such decisions. In detail, the module will contrast business ownership options, assess, and conclude on key financial information, and develop a deeper understanding of financial and tax issues that may apply to a business at critical junctures of its lifecycle.

    Title: Global Business Management (Elective)

    Credits: 5

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    The aim of this module in Global Business will help you assess opportunities, manage risk, and create and capture value for the organization. It will explore the economic, political, and social factors driving change, and learn how decisions affect global markets—and your business.

    Title: Strategic Management Practice

    Credits: 5

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    The module provides a practical understanding of the main elements and implications of strategic management including an understanding of strategic development processes. Together with an understanding of the structures, processes, resources and relationships which form the bases for strategic implementation, the module also investigates how internal leadership styles, varying organisational cultures and change management styles and perspectives impact on the implementation and practice of strategic management.

Are there opportunities for further study?

Successful graduates of this programme are automatically eligible to join our Master of Business in Strategic Management and Marketing and our MSc in Digital Marketing.

What are the career prospects?

On successful completion, graduates will possess the necessary business, marketing and management skills and tools to work in a wide variety of positions across diverse corporate settings in roles such as:

  • Marketing Manager 
  • Human Resource Management
  • Global Sales Executive
  • Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur
  • International Public Relations and Advertising
  • Business Technology Manager
  • Market Research
  • Executive Management

Orlaith McGuire - Marketing & Management Graduate and Digital Media Executive

Play icon Orlaith McGuire - Marketing & Management Graduate and Digital Media Executive