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BA in Culinary Arts

Course Code: A7298




1 Year (Including 6 month work placement)


Hospitality, Tourism & Wellness

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Course Type

Undergrad Add Ons



The aim of this programme is to provide a unique blend of practical application and theory that immerses the student in the Culinary Arts with an emphasis on developing innovative and knowledgeable chefs who have the capacity to excel in a wide range of environments. This programme is designed to meet the increasing demand for Culinary Professionals in the Hospitality industry in Ireland and abroad.

Students will attend one semester in college followed by a 6 month work placement.

What are the entry requirements?

Applicants will require a Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts level 6.

Who can I contact?

What modules will I study?

  • Semester 1

    Title: Advanced Culinary Skills

    Credits: 10

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    This module continues to develop culinary knowledge and practical experience gained from stage one and two of the programme. This module will focus on trends and developments in the contemporary culinary landscape. The learners will explore a range of techniques and dishes of complex contemporary construction, which will encompass both classical and modern thinking.

    Title: Advanced Pastry

    Credits: 5

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    This module is designed to enhance the learner’s repertoire with advanced methods of creating and presenting a range of pastry and confectionery products that are contemporary and relevant to industry needs. The module encourages creativity and will further develop the techniques and disciplines of organisational skills required to aid running an efficient pastry section within the working environment.

    Title: Contemporary Industry Development

    Credits: 5

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    This module develops an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the multidisciplinary nature of the hospitality, culinary and tourism sectors. The learner will be able to identify and critically evaluate the impact of sustainable food and agriculture, energy resource management and the development of food trends.

    Title: Marketing & Media

    Credits: 5

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    In today's highly competitive business environment it is essential that all organisations have a knowledge and understanding of the role of marketing in connecting a business with its customers. The aim of this module is to provide learners with an introduction to marketing, placing an emphasis on the role of media in the delivery of marketing activities within the culinary and hospitality sector.

    Title: Research Methods

    Credits: 5

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    The aim of this module is to develop skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable students to undertake self-directed academic research by introducing students to the concepts of research philosophies, types of research, research approaches, methods of data collection, sampling techniques, principles of research integrity and ethical considerations applicable in both face to face and online research environments.

  • Semester 2

    Title: Work Placement/ Study Abroad

    Credits: 30

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    This Work Placement/Study Abroad component is an integral part of all academic programmes of the Institute and is provided in compliance with HEA/DES requirements for practice-based learning on all third level courses as laid out in the “Higher Education System Performance Framework 2018-2020”. The overall aim of the module is to offer the student the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout their course of study up to this point in a new and relevant experiential setting. This is to achieved whilst facilitating the student in developing the practical life-skill competencies and communication skills necessary to function as an effective member of the work environment and wider society. Students choosing to study abroad will be provided a comparable programme of study in an approved foreign partner Institution.

Are there opportunities for further study?

On successful completion of this programme, candidates can progress to the Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Entrepreneurship level 8.

What are the career prospects?

On successful completion of the Culinary Arts Programme, students will be prepared for employment as professional chefs in the tourism and hospitality industry. Graduates can look forward to 100% employment and significant career opportunities over time, such as progressing to Executive Chef of a hotel or running their own restaurant.