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BBs in Business Studies (Marketing and Management)

Course Code: A7222




1 Year (Following 2 Year Higher Cert LC222)


Marketing, Enterprise & Digital Communications

CAO Points


Course Type

Undergrad Add Ons



A new Business Studies degree which allows you to control what you study and how you learn. Conduct practical, hands-on business projects from day one. Meet and work with real businesses throughout your degree. Enjoy a full semester of Work Placement in Year 3 and continue working over the Summer if you choose. Select from four different electives in International Business, Entrepreneurship, Personal and Professional Development, and Language and Culture every year of your course alongside all the major business subjects needed to choose the career that’s right for you when you graduate.

This newly designed and modern degree prepares students for employment at management level in a broad range of modern businesses, close to home or anywhere in the world. We explore practical, real-world applications of business principles through hands-on projects, work-based learning and small class sizes. With a wide range of subject choices and assessment types available on this course, students become independent and innovative thinkers, and develop their own views on society and how to shape the world of business into the future.

What are the entry requirements?

A Higher Certificate (Level 6) in a relevant field.

An equivalent qualification to a Higher Certificate (Level 6) with appropriate subjects.

Apply directly to LIT.

QQI FETA Applicants & Mature Applicants

Please refer to the Admissions section of this site for further information.

Who can I contact?

What modules will I study?

  • Semester 1

    Title: Brand Management

    Credits: 5

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    The aim of this module is to provide students with a practitioner level understanding of the role and application of branding and brand management within the marketing discipline.

    Title: Business Analytics for Decision Making

    Credits: 5

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    Business Analytics aims to create insightful and efficient resolutions to everyday business issues. This module examines current thinking on Business Analytics and prepares students to critically analyse business data by combining software tools with decision making and problem-solving skills. It will provide an understanding of how to analyse, report and communicate business research and business performance information.

    Title: Integrated Marketing Communications

    Credits: 5

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    The aim of this module is to provide the learner with a clear insight into how the various tools and techniques within the field of marketing communications can be utilised in practice in order to allow the organisation achieve competitive advantage and commercial success. In addition, an in-depth examination of the key media options available to both traditional and contemporary marketing organisations will be undertaken.

    Title: International Business Planning (Elective)

    Credits: 5

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    The aim of the module is to assess the readiness of a company for internationalisation. Learn how to answer questions such as: Are there key players with the talents and competencies to recognise international business opportunities and anticipate potential risks? Are the necessary resources, human, financial, logistics available within the company? Has there been research into global expansion potential?

    Title: Language & Culture 5 (Elective)

    Credits: 5

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    This module will build productive and receptive skills so that the learner can interact in both spoken and written language with a reasonable degree of fluency. As students will have the possibility to work or study abroad in semester 6, this module will include the vocabulary, grammar structures and cultural elements necessary to support students wishing to work or study abroad.

    Title: Project Management

    Credits: 5

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    The module will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop a project schedule, allocate resources, measure resource utilisation, determine costs, manage risk and close a project. Students will be using MS Project to gain hands-on experience of using industry standard project management software.

    Title: Service Marketing

    Credits: 5

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    The aim of this module is to develop learners' knowledge and abilities to analyse the critical issues in services marketing, using contemporary examples across various service sectors. The diverse service sectors, their nature and their contribution to the economy are explored locally, regionally and globally.

    Title: Workplace Effectiveness (Elective)

    Credits: 5

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    This module explores the nature of work and human behaviour through the dual lens of workplace psychology and personal effectiveness. This module promotes critical reflection and self-awareness of learners in order to enhance their personal effectiveness and develop appropriate professional responses to workplace challenges. The module also helps prepare students for Work Placement in Semester 6.

  • Semester 2

    Title: Work Placement/Study Abroad

    Credits: 30

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    Gain a full semester of Workplace experience. A full semester of your degree is dedicated to working in a business or organisation that matches your interests and career aspirations. You can also spend this semester working or studying abroad if you prefer. Either way, this semester builds your CV for graduation and helps you find potential employers whilst still in college. Develop critical, real-life skills that will make you stand out from others when starting your career. You will be fully supported to find the right Work Placement for you by your lecturers and our dedicated Careers & Employability Office.

Are there opportunities for further study?

Graduates of this programme can automatically progress on to the one-year add-on BBus (Hons) in Business Studies (Marketing & Management) at LIT.

What are the career prospects?

On successful completion, graduates will possess the necessary business, marketing and management skills and tools to work in a wide variety of positions across diverse corporate settings in roles such as:

  • Marketing Manager 
  • Human Resource Management
  • Global Sales
  • International Public Relations and Advertising
  • Market Research
  • Executive Management