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Nivedita Tiwari - 1st Year Electronic Engineering with Computer Systems

My name is Nivedita Tiwari and I am in first year studying Electronic Engineering with Computer Systems.

I always knew I wanted to do engineering, but I chose to study Electronic Engineering specifically because I wanted a course that would let me work with both physical devices and computer coding. I also chose this course because in secondary school I enjoyed and did well in maths, physics and computer science which are the fundamentals of this course.

When I started my studies at TUS I was astounded by how easy it was to make friends with the people around me. I was also pleasantly surprised at how helpful and organized the lecturers were. They always come into class fully prepared having basically memorized the course over the years. As well as being organized in terms of how they cover the syllabus during the year, they are also organized in terms of their notes. Notes are always available for use at any time on the online student portal (Moodle), which I found particularly useful.

In relation to my course, I really appreciate how practical and hands-on it is as well as how in depth it goes. There have been times when I’d find myself smiling in class throughout the course when I’d realise that the different modules of the subject, (Analogue Electronics, Engineering Maths, Digital Electronics, Electrical Technology to name a few) would start to make sense together. So the different things we’d been learning in different classes with different lecturers would fit together like pieces in a puzzle.

As well as my course I also cherish the friendly environment that is constantly around me every time I walk into the TUS Moylish campus. I also like how easy every room is to find in the campus and public areas such as the library and the canteen are delightfully spacious as well as enjoyable places to be. In the beginning of my days at TUS I found that setting up things I‘d need throughout the academic year such as my student account and my student email were detailed and explained in easy to follow videos.

I joined the International Society of TUS before I came to Ireland from my home way back in Tanzania. The society helped me with everything I needed to know regarding my move to Ireland. This included clothing I’d need to adjust to the weather, documents I’d need to carry among other things. Just before class started this academic year, back in September 2021, the society held a game of Kahoot! The online quiz game held questions on different international things such as food and flags as well as questions on Ireland and it was great fun. 

In the next few years I’m excited to learn as much as I possibly can so that I can implement my knowledge into future work placements. I’m also looking forward to making new friends along the way. I really admire the aspect of Artificial Intelligence so I’m hoping to do a master’s of science in Artificial Intelligence, however, I do also enjoy aerospace so I hope to find a way to merge them both by perhaps working in the Artificial Intelligence section of Aerospace.

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