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Change Leadership Testimonials 2020

Change Leadership Testimonials 2020


This course has been life changing for me. Previous to this course, I wouldn’t have considered myself a leader nor had the confidence to lead, but not only has this course expanded my idea of leadership, I have actively sought out opportunities within my work place where I can lead, I am more confident in my abilities, and to actively use the passion I have. 

Mary, Change Leadership 2020


What did I learn from this course?... Open effective communication, the power of minutes and clarity in a group setting. Basically, drawing on what worked and didn’t work from the assignments and why was very informative for me. The camaraderie in this group was great, one participant commented to me that she had arrived late on the first day and just assumed that either everyone knew each other or worked together because of the chat in the break room. I learned a lot from this group. 

John, Change Leadership 2020