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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Anesu Havadi, Zimbabwe

"The Foundation programme at TUS has provided me with the essential tools and help that I need to maximize my potential. With the aid of each individual lecturer, I was able to gain confidence and a new found love for education. All the lecturers were patient and extremely passionate about what they taught, which created a very enthusiastic learning environment. After completing this course, I now have the opportunity to pursue my desired degree with all my fellow peers who started this journey with me. I would highly recommend it."





Syrah Nabuuma, Uganda

“The Foundation course at TUS is of very high quality and is helping me meet the requirements for my desired course at Bachelors degree level.  It has provided me with the skills to take on my programme as it covers the entry requirements that I need for it. The lecturers are very helpful and caring and they help out in every way they can, and my classmates are really good with teamwork, making everything so much easier “