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Certificate in Jungian Psychology with Art Therapy

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12 Days


Art & Design

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Flexible & Professional


Clare Street

This programme is now full. If you wish to be considered for the waiting list please email us at

This programme mixes experiential with the theoretical in a venture that combines Jungian Psychology with Art Therapy. By using methods such as art-making, journaling and dream interpretation we engage creatively with psyche in a journey that promises to be both fascinating and educational.

Through experiential learning, the participant will get to know Jung’s model of the psyche, some post-Jungian developments and how to apply such insights in everyday life. For those in the healing professions, the programme should enrich and enliven their existing skills. The Jungian approach is also especially suited to those with an artistic streak and also for practicing artists seeking to discover new ways of creative working.

The programme is aimed at those interested in exploring psyche and creativity. It should also be of especial interest for those either in the arts and/or healing professions (psychotherapists, creative therapists, counsellors etc.). Note that a background in arts is not required.


  • Ability to apply an understanding of key concepts of Jung’s model of the psyche to oneself and within a group setting.
  • Appreciate art therapy processes and methods, based on experiential and context based learning.
  • Articulate creative, analytic and critical insight into personal process by means of written work such as an essay (that includes personal images), and in terms of online contributions.
  • Demonstrate literacy in image interpretation and critically discuss creative expression and art-making as healing, as applied to key Jungian concepts.

What are the entry requirements?

Entry requirements: a primary degree in any discipline (mature applicants without a primary degree but with appropriate life experience, interest and ability may be considered). Candidates are required to complete an application form, submit a sample of writing and attend an interview. Closing date for applications will be the 4th September 2020. Please note that the maximum number of places is 16 and are offered on a first come first served basis to suitable applicants.  Should the number of applications exceed available places a waiting list will be established (based on the date of receipt of the application) and places will then be offered in the event of cancellations/deferrals.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Applicants who do not have English as their first language must ensure they satisfy English Language requirements. For entry to undergraduate courses, a minimum score of 5.5 in an IELTS exam is required. For postgraduate courses, a minimum of 6.0 is required. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their English proficiency meets these requirements.

Who can I contact?

What modules will I study?


Outline for 2020-2021 (subject to change)

  • Jung & Art Therapy
  • Model of the Psyche
  • Persona, Shadow, Anima/Animus, Self
  • Typology
  • Synchronicity
  • Dream & Image Interpretation
  • Fairy Tale Interpretation
  • Alchemy and Individuation
  • Art & Psyche Symposium
  • Presentations/Seminar

Instructor led art therapy sessions on most days from 9:30am – 11:15am, feedback sessions 4:15pm – 5pm.

Are there opportunities for further study?

Students who partake in this course may be interested in going on to our Certificate in Art, Psyche and the Creative Imagination (Level 9 Special Purpose Award). 

More Information

The Trainers

Jungian Psychology and Art Therapy trainers include Benig Mauger, Aileen Young, Steve Myers, Marian Dunlea, Carol Cunningham, Ursula Shields, Lyn Mather and Mathew Mather.

Benig Mauger is a Jungian psychotherapist, a writer, lecturer and pioneer in pre and perinatal psychology. Benig is a frequent speaker at psychology conferences and her work has featured on TV and radio. She is author of Songs from the Womb, Reclaiming Father and Love in a Time of Broken Heart. She regularly leads workshops on soul healing, and has a psychotherapy practice in Dublin. Ursula Shields is a Jungian analyst, a psychotherapist and supervisor with a practice in Galway. Her academic background is in literature, cultural studies and history. She has lectured at Austria, American and Irish universities. Aileen Young is a Jungian Analyst who works in private practice in north county Dublin. She has given lectures on Jungian topics on several courses in Dublin. Steve Myers has a MA in Jungian and Post-Jungian studies, a PhD in Psychoanalytic Studies, and is author of Myers-Briggs Typology vs Jungian Individuation (Routledge 2019). He has also used typology in commercial applications since the early 1990s. Carol Cunningham is a Jungian Analyst, psychotherapist and supervisor with an academic background in music and musicology. Marian is a Jungian Analyst and core faculty member of the Marion Woodman Foundation. She is author of BodyDreamingTM (Routledge 2019) and works with the psyche and soma interface and facilitates groups internationally, working with BodyDreamingTM, mask, myth, and the Celtic seasonal cycle.

Lyn has a background in art and arts facilitation and is a practicing art therapist. She utilizes Jungian theory in her approach to art therapy. Mathew (course director) has a PhD in Jung and Alchemy from the University of Essex, and is author of The Alchemical Mercurius: esoteric symbol of Jung’s life and works (Routledge 2014).



This is a 12 day programme.  Course days take place on 8 Fridays and 4 Saturdays.  Start time is 9:30am and end time is 5pm on all days.  The course is scheduled to run from the end of September 2020 to the beginning of May 2021.

  • Jung & Art Therapy (Lyn, Mathew) Fri 25/09/2020
  • Model of the Psyche (Benig) Sat 26/09/2020
  • Persona, Shadow, Anima/Animus, Self (Aileen) Fri 23/10/2020
  • Typology (Steve) Fri 04/12/2020
  • Dream & Image Interpretation I (Marian) Fri 29/01/2021
  • Dream & Image Interpretation II (Marian) Sat 30/01/2021
  • Fairy Tale Interpretation I (Carol) Fri 26/02/2021
  • Fairy Tale Interpretation II (Ursula) Sat 27/02/2021
  • Synchronicity (Mathew) Fri 19/03/2021
  • Art & Psyche symposium (invited guests) Fri 09/04/2021
  • Alchemy and Individuation (Lyn, Mathew) Fri 16/04/2021
  • Presentations/seminar (Lyn, Mathew) Fri 014/05/2021

Instructor led art therapy sessions on most days from 9:30am – 11:15am; feedback sessions 4:15pm – 5pm.

Note: contact days may be transferred to fully online in the event of difficult circumstances (for example, due to the pandemic or extreme weather events).


What will the time commitment be?

Each 5 credits will normally equate to approximately 100 Total Learning Hours. Total Learning Hours includes the time you spend in class (lectures, tutorials, practical elements) and the time you spend completing work outside of college.  The balance between these two varies by discipline, and by level of study.

You should bear in mind that the workload will increase at particular times e.g. when assignments are due.



Coursework includes art-making, journaling, reading, writing and presenting. Assessment will be based on an essay, online contributions and a presentation.



Certificate in Jungian Psychology with Art Therapy (Special Purpose Award, Level 8, 10 Credits).


Application Deadline 

4th September 2020


For queries relating to the course content

Contact:  Mathew Mather

Tel:           0504 28458



Course Fees

Course fee is €1,350. A course book and art materials will be provided



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