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Emma - Student Testimonial 2021

Psychology Student Feedback 2021


Most Interesting Topics? Behaviourism, Self- Awareness & Family Dynamics. These are the areas I was most engrossed because of personal related issues in my own life.

Most Relevant Topics? Values, Belief's, Self-Forgiveness & Appraisal, Understanding Others from Different Perspectives. Reflecting on what I've learnt throughout the course has given me some clarity and peace within myself

Most Enjoyable? Meeting a wonderful tutor and guider for the duration of the course, you will be missed and having the pleasure of being part of a wonderful personal group all fighting our own personal battles and voyages but also supporting one another when needed.

Was there any part of the course you would like to have spent more time on? I enjoyed all parts and was sufficiently spread out in order to cover the full agenda. Yes there were parts like the Cognitive Section I could've stayed on for week's but no, have no complaints!

Was there anything not covered that you would have like to see included? Criminal Psychology which I'm very interested in and more on the Spiritual aspect of it.

Would you make any changes to the length of the programme? No duration was perfect even though I'm so sad to see it end.

What are your key learnings about psychology from doing this course? Its made me confirm it'd be my ideal professional career. I  want to definitely go further in understanding it, I've also learnt alot about myself and have found self-healing and plan on remaining on the path to discovering myself even further and becoming a happier more contact person, reflect on my learnings and work on resolving situations in my life causing me to and one's I love hurt and pain.

Emma, Cerificate in Psychology 2021