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Drug & Medicinal Product Analysis - Higher Certificate

Course Code: LC364




2 Years


Applied Science

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Direct Entry



This programme was developed with input from people working in the relevant industries. We aim to produce graduates who understand how medicines and healthcare products, including pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, are manufactured and checked to make sure they are safe, effective, and high quality. Students who graduate from the programme are ready to work in one of Ireland’s most valuable industries.

What are the entry requirements?

Applicants must have 5 O6/H7 grades or higher at Ordinary Level in 5 Leaving Certificate subjects. Two of these subjects must include *Mathematics and a Language (English or Irish).

*Foundation Level Maths at Grade F2 or higher is acceptable as meeting the Mathematics requirement for this course.

Applicants presenting QQI FET/FETAC qualifications must hold a Full Level 5 Award totalling 120 Credits.

Applicants presenting qualifications other than those mentioned above will be assessed on an individual basis.

Mature Applicants (i.e. over 23) are exempt from the normal entry requirements. 

Who can I contact?

What modules will I study?

  • Year 1

    Title: Biology

    Credits: 15

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    This module is designed to introduce the student to the fundamental principles and concepts underlying how biological systems function.

    Title: Chemistry

    Credits: 15

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    Basic Introductory Inorganic, Physical and Organic Chemistry and laboratory practical skills through a fusion of theory and practice.

    Title: Introduction to Drug and Medicinal Products

    Credits: 10

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    This module introduces students to how scientists work and communicate. It provides a broad introduction to the drug and medicinal products industry, with an overview of manufacturing practises and environmental considerations. Students also learn about health and disease and study various methods of formulating medicines.

    Title: Introductory Physics Concepts

    Credits: 10

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    This physics module is designed to introduce students to the concepts in fundamental physics that are necessary to support other core modules and to provide a comprehensive grounding in physics that is relevant to biological and chemical analysis, as well as environmental science and forensic science.

    Title: Mathematics for Scientists

    Credits: 10

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    This module will provide the learner with the necessary mathematical skills, problem solving skills and computer application proficiency required by the analytical scientist.

  • Year 2

    Title: Analytical Techniques

    Credits: 15

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    This module introduces students to the the hardware and techniques used to carry out chemcial analysis. A variety of chromatographic, spectrophotometric andelectrochemical instruments are covered. Students are also given an appreciation of the performance characteristic required in chemcial analysis.

    Title: Drug and Medicinal Product Technology

    Credits: 15

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    This module develops the students' knowledge of the drug and medicinal product industries, discussing areas like production and waste disposal processes. It also introduces topics including formulation, drug delivery systems, materials and packaging relevant to those industries. It includes a weekly laboratory practical in the organic chemistry area of drug extractions, synthesis, purification and analysis.

    Title: Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

    Credits: 10

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    This module will build upon the fundamentals of general chemistry already covered to allow the learner to form a deeper understanding of the basic princicples of inorganic and physcial chemistry of particular relevance to analytical chemistry.

    Title: Introduction to Molecules in Medicine

    Credits: 5

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    A study of simple organic compounds, their structure and reactions in relation to drug & medicinal product development. Although there is no practical element in this module there is one lab-lecture each week in order to facilitate the demonstration of some chemical tests and reactions.

    Title: Pharmaceutical Bioscience

    Credits: 10

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    This module will provide a biochemical, microbiological and basic foundation to students wishing to progress their learning in areas encompassing medicinal product synthesis, formulation, analysis and/or activity. The module provides experimental grounding in basic biochemical and microbiological techniques, data processing and formulation preparation.

    Title: Statistical Process Control

    Credits: 5

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    The aim of this module is to provide learners with the necessary skills required to create and analyse statistical process control charts and to apply basic statistical analysis using statistical software (excel, minitab)in a scientific context.

Are there opportunities for further study?

Upon completion of this course students will be able to progress on to the appropriate level 7 add-on course.


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