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Introduction to Animation

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10 Weeks


Art & Design

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Flexible & Professional


Clare Street

Image used is a work in progress by student Simona Vaitkeviciute

This programme will introduce participants to the area of Animation and will be of benefit to those interested in further study of animation at 3rd level, but is also open to those who simply have a general interest in the area and would like to find out more.

This can include beginners, secondary school students wishing to apply for Art College in the future, mature students or students who already have some knowledge of animation but wish to extend their understanding of the subject.


What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal academic entry requirements. This programme is specifically designed for those with an interest in pursuing animation professionally or as a hobby.

Who can I contact?

What modules will I study?

1. Intro to Photoshop

2 Rotoscoping in Photoshop

3. Intro to Adobe Animate

4. Layers and walk cycles in Animate

5. Zoetrope, Intro and construction

6. Story, Script and Storyboards

7. Drawing Workshops

8. Character and Backgrounds ( Turnarounds and Staging)

9. Animation Assembly

10 Animation Assembly Continued. (Premiere Pro)


*Subject to alteration relating to the ability of group

More Information


10 weeks, 2 hours per week.

Monday evenings from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

The next proposed start date is Monday 28th September 2020.


Continuous evaluation will take place with final evaluation on completion of programme



A Certificate of Completion will be issued to eligible participants


Application Deadline 

18th September 2020 (Space permitting) 


For queries relating to the course content

Contact: Paul Gardiner