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Portfolio Preparation

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10 Weeks


Art & Design

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Flexible & Professional


Clare Street

This course is intended to be a period of intense and extensive visual research using the following – Drawing, Colour Studies, 3D Studies using paper, plaster, wire, etc., and any other 2D/3D media/process which is appropriate. This programme is designed for those who have entered the Leaving Certificate Stream and who may be interested in pursuing a career in Art & Design at third level. This programme is also positioned for those who have completed the leaving certificate but did not study Art and for mature applicants who may be interested in studying Art & Design at third level.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal academic entry requirements.  It is necessary for participants of this course to bring an object or collection of objects from which to work. Students will be working from these source objects for the duration of the course. Further information on object selection and materials required will be issued upon request. 

Upon acceptance of an offer students will be required to provide certain materials

Portfolio Preparation Recommended Materials

•             A4 Hardback Sketchbook

•             2b, 3b, 4b, 6b pencils

•             Graphite, 6b, 3b

•             Charcoal, Medium Willow

•             Putty rubber, pencil eraser

•             Hobby knife and blades

•             Pritt stick

•             Ink tense pencils, Black & Sepia

•             Indian Ink

•             Watercolour pencils, Oil Pastels, Chalk Pastels

•             Felt tips, fine, medium, black pen

•             Acrylic paint variety of colours

•             Variety of brushes and palette knifes

•             Texture and colour materials for collage


Who can I contact?

What modules will I study?

Drawing (observational and expressive), 2D/3D material and methods, sketchbook-based study.

It is necessary for students attending this course to bring an object or collection of objects from which to work. Students will be working from these source objects for the duration of the course, so with this in mind here are a few things you might bear in mind when choosing your sources. 

·         Don’t choose anything too small and therefore difficult to examine visually.

·         Choose your object because it is visually interesting, not for other reasons. Ideally it should be rich in terms of elements like texture, structure, colour and shape. If your object does cover all of these elements, then hopefully it will cover most.

·         Don’t choose something that appears similar from whichever angle you look at it, as you turn it over/around it should ideally present you with different shapes and structures.

·         Collections of similar objects can be very interesting, Shells, fruits and vegetables, plants, old shoes and boots, animal bones and skulls, Mechanical objects, everything from old tools to scrap salvaged from lawnmowers.

·         Due to health and safety concerns objects that are likely to decay are not encouraged.  

·         Sheds, attics and the countryside can be a great source of objects that can be interesting and exciting to work from. It will pay to put some effort into finding the most interesting object you can, from which you can build a body of information in as wide a range of media as possible.  

·         You should be seeking something both challenging and exciting to work with and from.

More Information


Clare Street Campus LSAD. 10 weeks duration, 2 hours per week.


Commencement date for Autumn 2023:


Course materials must be provided by student


Continuous evaluation will take place with final evaluation on completion of programme


A Certificate of Completion will be issued to eligible participants

Application Deadline 


For queries relating to the course content

Contact: Suzannah O'Reilly



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