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Aine Mc Donagh : Meta Graduate Stories

I thoroughly enjoyed undertaking my Master's degree with TUS, primarily as it was taught through problem based learning. This means that as students, you are presented with various multidimensional, real-world business problems which you are required to strategically solve. I have found this style of learning incredibly practical as it enables you to develop key competencies needed in the contemporary business environment. Being taught by exceptional tutors who challenge you, encourage you to elevate your way of thinking and are just as committed to your success as you are is something I continue to be grateful for to this day.

This programme has been pivotal in starting my career and incubating my passion for personal development. The theoretical and practical elements of this course have paid dividends in every workplace I have entered since graduating. Business challenges can be foreseen but they can also happen overnight due to many factors outside of its control. Businesses need competent, diligent, critical thinkers to navigate them through these challenges, fixing them at the root cause while also mitigating risks. This course equips you with an incredible compilation of skills to be that problem solver for future employers.

I have chosen not to embark on a marketing career since completing this programme but that is another benefit to this course. The skills, experience and perspective this course provides you with, gives you the autonomy to select your own career path.

If you are someone who is interested in broadening your mind, challenging yourself, eager to gain a plethora of skills and willing to commit to the process to get the results you desire - I couldn’t encourage you any more to select this course.