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Gopikrishnan Ramesh

I found MSc in Digital Marketing at LIT to be very practical and the course structure to be highly relevant to the current market scenario. The course effectively transitions from the basics of Marketing to highly advanced Digital tools and online Strategies.

As a person with considerable experience in business development, partnering in a technology-based startup and working in a software company, I came to realize that Digital Marketing is a vital part of any business and its marketing strategy. This led me to the MSc in Digital Marketing course offered by LIT, one of Ireland’s fastest growing colleges.

My experience has been highly enjoyable and interactive. The course encouraged me to think creatively as well as analytically when planning and implementing a marketing campaign. Every aspect of the theory taught is accompanied by classes on its practical usage which helped me to a great extent. In addition, I found our class discussions based on analyzing different social media pages and their digital strategies very enjoyable and engaging.

One of the most practical aspect of the course is that every assignment is based around consulting a live company in Ireland. I also found the group assignments were very engaging and interaction with my fellow colleagues helped me get fresh thought perspectives.

The professors were very accessible and enthusiastic with their real-world examples which made the classes very entertaining. I think they did a fantastic job in challenging my thought process, think creatively and be analytical which are all the skills relevant to the industry. I found their tips and tricks of the industry extremely valuable and aligning with my career goals. Time and again guest lecturers from major companies and events helped me network with professionals in the industry as well as gain insights into the current market scenario.

The course integrates online certifications such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Digital Garage and Facebook marketing which made me adequately prepared for my career as a Digital Marketer. Moreover, in depth understanding of Digital marketing tools such as Balsamiq, screaming frog, Moz and Google Keyword research made me stand out in the industry.

Finally, one of the most attractive aspects I found from the course is the option to select the Digital Consultancy Project. This option helped me apply all the skills and learnings on a real live company of my choosing and act as a Digital Consultant. This in turn made me confident as I was able to have a glimpse of solving Digital Marketing issues of a real company.

The MSc in Digital Marketing at LIT is very much career focused and I would highly recommend anyone interested in this career path to enroll with LIT.