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Creative Collaboration and Transdisciplinarity


19 November 2020


10:00am - 11:00am



Gianna Tomasso will present a performative lecture which will frame her practice, using ‘She now works flexible’ by Marion Von Osten (2007) as a lens from which to view personal transdisciplinarity traits and the undisciplined approach to collaboration and research which can only be located as post qualitative. This offers an insight and critique into the demands of the ‘new’ being located in the expansion of what is already failing. 

In collaboration with Victor Sardenberg and Anna Blair, Gianna will also offer a space on which is themed around the seven transdisciplinary habits of mind, and which presents seven creative stations from which collaborations and artistic creations can be pursued with all participants in ELIA throughout the biennial.  

Teaser Trailer

Creative Collaboration and Transdisciplinarity from ELIA on Vimeo.

About Gianna Tomasso

Gianna Tasha Tomasso is an artist, writer and researcher based in the Republic of Ireland. She is currently lecturing on the MA in Interdisciplinary Design at Limerick School of Art and Design. Her doctoral research is concerned with theoretical and phenomenological transdisciplinarity within and through art and design pedagogy at third level.  

She is interested in transdisciplinarity as a post qualitative endeavour, meaning complexity, failure and ambiguity are the only certainties.  Gianna, through her art and writing practice, explores how instituent and hybrid art practices, along with interdisciplinary creative collaborations provide porous borders enabling enactments within the fourth wave of institutional critique, where the challenge is to be rigorously ambiguous while situated within institutional demands and the ethical presumptions currently inhabiting the research landscape.