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Application Forms

Application Forms 

Many companies prefer and specifically request you to make your application on the Company application form. Application forms are designed by the Company to capture information in a standard and relevant manner.
It has a combination of closed questions where you have to answer factual information i.e. personal and academic information, and open questions, which allow you to give additional information in areas such as career focus, leadership, team working etc.

Most application forms include a section, which allow you to give additional information that you feel, is relevant to your application. Do not leave this section blank - remember the company will be receiving many applications from candidates with similar educational background and this is an ideal opportunity for you to give details of your strengths and to inform the company, why you feel, you are suitable to the position.

Always photocopy or download the application form.  Use the copy to draft your answers.

  • Read all questions carefully.

  • Completion of forms:

    • Written applications: please use black ink and clear handwriting.

    • On-line forms: please use Ariel 10pt typeface, no bold text please.

  • Answer all questions factually and give evidence to support your answer, where appropriate.

  • As with the CV, quality and accuracy is essential.

  • Proof read for spelling and grammar.

  • Keep a copy of the completed application form for reference by either printing prior to submission on line or by post.

Ensure that the form is posted or submitted to the company to comply within the appropriate closing date.

If applications are invited by completing application forms, always comply with this request and do not substitute with a CV.

Attend a Workshop:

Final year students are encouraged to attend a workshop on CV Preparation - get the job you want - CV writing skills. Detail of the schedule and frequency of these workshops is available on the Careers Events Calendar, Notice Board or on your School Notice Boards.




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