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Live LIT Updates

This page was most recently updated at 10:20pm on Wednesday 29th April 2020.

LIT is currently closed to all students but we are continuing to work and teach remotely at this time.

Our approach to the COVID-19 outbreak has been to adhere to the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and the Department of Education and Skills (DES), and we will continue to pursue this policy.

We are maintaining essential support services for all staff and students, with online and remote learning and teaching being delivered during this period.

For the most up-to-date information on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and the Department of Health, please visit the HSE website and

  • Statement from LIT President, Prof. Vincent Cunnane to staff and students - 29th April 2020

    Dear Students,

    I am writing to you in these uncertain times to wish you all the very best in your upcoming/ongoing assessments.

    Without doubt, this has proved to be an academic term like no other, and for many of you your assessment methods are now different from those that would have applied prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.  But some things do not change, and although some of the modes of assessment are different, LIT’s principles of fairness, relevance and integrity continue to apply.  Our staff have worked hard to ensure that although your assessments are now carried out remotely, they retain the robustness that underpins LIT’s qualifications, and will recognise your efforts and achievement of learning outcomes.  

    They are undertaken with your best interests at heart, and you should approach your assessments just as you would conventional exams.  To this end, I would encourage you all to undertake your assessments as soon as they are available to you and to complete them in the allocated time.  Once they are done, they are done!  Please be aware that the modes of assessment in August will remain the same as you are facing currently – in other words, there is no exam-hall based option for this year.  

    If you are experiencing issues with broadband or other challenges, please communicate this to your lecturers. We do have measures to ensure that no student will be disadvantaged by circumstances like these. You do need to let your lecturers know though. 

    We know this is a difficult time for you all, and our approach is based on the principle of ensuring that you are not disadvantaged by the pandemic – that the quality of your LIT award is maintained, while at the same time acknowledging that there is added anxiety and stress for you.  Remember that our student support services are there as always to help ensure that you can take care of your mental and physical health.  

    As always, I am encouraging you to please refer to the LIT Covid-19 page at as the only source of up to date official LIT information.  You can find information on taking care of yourself there too.
    Best of luck to you all and stay safe.


  • Statement from LIT President, Prof. Vincent Cunnane to staff and students - 2nd April 2020

    Dear students,

    As I have previously informed you, LIT has been making arrangements to facilitate teaching, learning and assessment during these unprecedented and difficult circumstances.

    I am now confirming to you that there will be no on-campus examinations in LIT this year, and that we are instead bringing in alternative assessment methods.  

    What this means in practice is that those assessments which would otherwise have taken place in an exam hall or another campus setting will now be done using remote means.  Our academic departments have worked hard to finalise these alternative assessment methods, and will be communicating with you regarding your particular arrangements.  So please keep in touch with your lecturers and your programme leaders.  

    We know this has been a difficult time for you all, and our approach is to ensure that your academic efforts are recognised while at the same time minimising anxiety and stress for you.  We will also be ensuring that our assessments are robust in order to protect the quality of your LIT award.

    We are now in Teaching Week 12 and entering the final part of the semester. So as well as your studies I would also encourage you to take care of your mental health and to stay physically active.  Our student support services are there for you, so use them if you need to.

    Please refer to the LIT Covid-19 page at as the only source of up to date official LIT information, and you can find information on taking care of yourself there too.

    Take care of yourselves and remember in order to pull together we must stay apart.

    Best wishes

  • Statement from LIT President, Prof. Vincent Cunnane to staff and students - 29th March 2020

    Dear colleagues and students,

    I am writing to you on foot of the most recent government decision to put in place further restrictions to curb the Covid-19 outbreak. 

    These restrictions involve everybody staying at home in all circumstances, except for certain defined situations, until Midnight on April 12th.  By complying fully with these measures, you can help to curb Covid-19, thereby reducing pressure on the health system and ultimately helping to save lives. 

    As you know, we in LIT have been maintaining essential services for staff and students in coordination with the Department of Education and Skills and adhering to the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and the HSE.  This will not change, and we will continue to deliver teaching and learning and all necessary administrative and professional functions through online and remote means during this period.  

    As an Institute we are coming into Week 12 of teaching delivery. To be clear all teaching as it has been delivered over the last two weeks is to continue.  As I have said in my note of last Thursday, decisions are being taken this coming week on the nature of end of semester/year assessments for all programmes in LIT.  A special meeting of our Standing Committee of Academic Council will take place this week to endorse the assessment types that will be utilised.  I will then be emailing all students to update you generally on what these decisions will mean for your exams.  You will then be contacted by your departments on the specifics of your programme. So as the Department of Education and Skills has asked for: keep going with the studies and delivery.

    In addition, LIT is working closely with the HSE on a number of specific projects, and this work requires certain staff continuing to physically be on campus in order to directly support the HSE.  Such staff are authorised to leave home and to work on campus for this purpose.  The only support services available on campus are those which are necessary for this work to continue.  The LIT facilities and staffing requirements involved are likely to evolve further as the situation develops, but the only people who will be allowed on campus are those who must be there for our work with the HSE to continue, or to ensure the institution’s business continuity.

    I would like once more to thank everyone in the LIT community for your efforts to date, and ask you to please keep it going.  We are now in a new period when it is more important than ever to look after each other and adhere with the advice of the authorities.  

    Ní neart go cur le chéile.

    As ever, the only source of up to date official LIT information is  You will also find live updates from the HSE and other information there. 

    Best wishes and stay safe

  • Statement from LIT President, Prof. Vincent Cunnane to staff and students - 7pm, 25th March 2020

    Dear colleagues and students

    Following on the announcement of An Taoiseach yesterday in relation to increased measures to curtail the outbreak of Covid-19, I wish to update you on the situation in LIT.

    I understand that this continues to be a very stressful time. To be clear and in line with the government’s latest decision, face-to-face teaching will not re-commence before April 19th.  We will continue to deliver teaching and learning through online and other means during this period.  We continue to adhere to all advice from the HSE and the Chief Medical Officer, and we are engaged with the Department of Education and Skills at all times.

    I would like to thank the 117 of you who have volunteered to work on this effort with the HSE.  Your interest has been passed on, and the HSE will be in contact with the institute when your services are required.  LIT is heavily engaged with the HSE regionally in terms of providing facilities and resources in the effort to curb Covid-19.  We do anticipate that some of our resources will be drawn into use as the situation develops. 

    For students, I know many of you are anxious about what all of this means for exams and assessment.  You should continue to study and prepare for assessment as you would normally would.  We will over the next short while be making decisions on our exams/assessment process and schedule.  At all times, we will ensure fair and robust assessment that will recognise your achievements and we will have a full update on exams/assessment as soon as practicable.  

    I wish to recognise once more the efforts of the entire LIT community at this difficult and unprecedented time.  It is very evident that our community is a source of strength, and we will continue to deliver all essential services to support this.

    Once more, please refer to the LIT Covid-19 page at as the only source of up to date official LIT information.

    Best wishes and stay safe.



  • Statement from LIT President, Prof. Vincent Cunnane and all HEIs across Ireland - 4pm, 16th March 2020

    Dear student,
    We have taken the unusual decision to write to you collectively in these extraordinary times. Your health and safety and that of our wider community is our primary concern, which is why we have all instigated revised at-distance teaching and assessment methods for the coming weeks.
    We appreciate that you are all aware of the health implications of COVID-19 and at this stage are taking action to limit its spread yourselves. To restate the advice from the HSE, please follow the guidelines around social distancing, maintaining a distance of at least 2 metres between yourself and other people. We also particularly ask that you stay away from crowded places in the weeks ahead and limit your own social interactions.
    This does not mean that you should avoid the company of others completely. In fact, it is important for your mental wellbeing to keep in contact with friends and family; just please maintain social distancing by completely foregoing meeting in groups, especially social gatherings or party environments. 
    You should also make a point of looking out for each other by checking in with other students who might be lonely or isolated by phoning them, or Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or whatever system you use.  You could also offer your services to volunteer organisations to collect shopping or prescriptions for elderly neighbours or walk their dogs.
    Small social gatherings with enough space between participants to follow the HSE social distancing guidelines are still possible. But any events or activities that involve crowds should be avoided until further notice.
    We ask you to do this for three reasons. Firstly, to protect yourselves from infection. Secondly, to slow down the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect at risk people, some of whom may die if they contract the virus.  And thirdly, to reduce pressure on our healthcare system. There are close to a quarter of a million students in Irish Higher Education and we are in a strong position to reduce the spread of the virus by acting collectively.
    It is important to remember that if you do contract the virus, your health could be severely affected, and you pose a great danger to the older members of society and those with weak immune systems. You could even be unwittingly responsible for putting others at increased risk.
    Scientific and public health advice tells us that it will take some time before COVID-19 can be contained. You can play your part as an individual by keeping yourself healthy so that the healthcare system can continue to function.

    As a student, you are in a unique position. You are being taught online in many cases and do not have to come into work as many others have to do. All these precautions mean little if you do not stay away from crowds.
    Reputable information that is constantly updated is available from or from the HSE (@HSELive) and Department of Health (@roinnslainte) Twitter feeds.
    Be kind to each other and take care of yourselves and each other.  Let’s give each other the space to find our way through these challenging times and the time to find humanity and meaning here too. 
    Yours sincerely,
    Amanda McCloat (Acting President, St. Angela’s College)
    Andrew Deeks (President, UCD)
    Annie Doona (President, IADT)
    Barry O’Connor (President CIT)
    Brendan McCormack (President, IT Sligo)
    Brendan O’Donnell (President, IT Tralee)
    Brian MacCraith (President, DCU)
    Cathal Kelly (Chief Officer, RCSI)
    Ciarán Ó Catháin (President, AIT)
    Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh, (President of NUI, Galway)
    David FitzPatrick (President TU Dublin)
    Des Fitzgerald (President, University of Limerick)
    Michael Hannon (Acting President, GMIT)
    Michael Mulvey (President, DkIT)
    Patricia Mulcahy (President, IT Carlow)
    Patricia O Sullivan (Executive Director, Higher Education Colleges Association)
    Patrick O’Shea (President of UCC)
    Patrick Prendergast (Provost, Trinity College Dublin)
    Paul Hannigan (President LYIT)
    Philip Nolan (President, Maynooth University)
    Vincent Cunnane (President LIT)
    With the support of: Lorna Fitzpatrick, President, USI