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Health Options on Campus

Health Options on Campus

LIT supports healthy eating and wants students to be aware of the healthy options that exist on campus, so why not switch to wholegrains, fruits, vegetables and baked foods when you have the chance!!! You will feel the benefit and they don’t taste too bad either!!!

Try the delicious:

  • Fruit bar – for snacks or breakfast, even add some yogurt for a more filling but healthy snack.
  • Sandwich bar – try a brown roll or brown bread and get some wholegrains in your diet.
  • Baked Options – try some baked sausages instead of fried or even the baked fish.
  • Soup – always a variety of flavours and a warm sustaining lunch choice.
  • Water - don’t forget your water intake!!!


Please be aware that video and photography content on this website was produced prior to COVID-19