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HEAR Scheme

Higher Education Access Route (HEAR)

LIT is part of the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) national admissions scheme that allocates reduced points places to eligible school leavers under 23 years old from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. HEAR is for school leavers (under 23 years old as of 1st January 2020) who are resident in the Republic of Ireland.  Mature and FET (Further Education and Training) students have their own admissions routes and should contact the admissions office for more information. Applications to HEAR can only be made online through the CAO.

Before choosing a course, applicants may contact the relevant Department to discuss the nature and demands of the course and the long-term suitability for a future career. In the LIT prospectus the contact details for each Programme Leader is listed with the course information.

Applicants are advised to check the minimum entry requirements of each course. Minimum entry requirements might include levels of Maths and number of Honours subjects required and any other requirements of a particular course such as a portfolio or interview - details are available in the LIT prospectus in our courses section. Please be aware that students who do not meet the minimum entry requirements for a particular course WILL NOT be offered a place, even if they are deemed eligible for HEAR.

Applying to HEAR

Applications to HEAR can only be made online through the CAO. For information about the process of applying to HEAR including the deadlines and criteria, please check the Access College website.

How are LIT HEAR Offers made? 

HEAR applicants will be notified in late June if they are eligible or not for the HEAR scheme. Full details of a recheck process are available on the HEAR website. If you are eligible for HEAR you will then be considered for a HEAR reduced points place under certain criteria.

To be considered for a HEAR reduced points place, applicants must meet the minimum requirements of a course. Applicants are then awarded 30 bonus points.

HEAR reduced points and merit offers are made through CAO and are in Round 1 and sometimes in Round 2 if there are places still available. If you get a HEAR reduced points offer this will appear as a regular offer online through the CAO. You will then receive a letter to inform you that you have received a HEAR offer.

What HEAR places are available in LIT?

LIT HEAR applicants are awarded 30 Bonus Points. Places on all LIT programmes are then awarded in order of points merit. There are no quota restrictions on the number of places available to LIT HEAR applicants.