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Self-Help Resources

In this Self-Help Resources section we provide some guides, videos and advice that might be useful and effective for you and your mental health. 

Although these resources are useful and some may find them very effective, they are not meant to replace help from a professional if needed. 

HSE Mental Wellbeing

As part of the HSE #KeepWell campaign they released a series of informational videos on Mental Wellbeing. Please click the link below to view these videos.

HSE #Mindingyourwellbeing Videos

Relaxation & Mindfulness Exercises

Beaumont Hospital have released an extensive collection of Relaxation & Mindfulness Exercises that could benefit you during stressful and taxing times. You can access these exercises by clicking the highlighted link below:

Relaxation & Mindfulness Exercises

HSE Coping with difficult situations advice

The HSE have released some tips & tricks for coping with diffcult situations and methods to mind your mental health. You can access this advice by clicking the highlighted link below. 

HSE Coping With Difficult Situations

Mindfulness Tips

Make time for relaxation

  • If possible, practice mindfulness everday.
  • Practice relaxation techniques.
  • Medidate between lectures or busy periods.
  • Adopt mindfulness while exercising.
  • Expect Ups & Downs.
  • Try not to be discouraged, just start again and build momentum. 


Please be aware that video and photography content on this website was produced prior to COVID-19