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Isolation and Loneliness

Isolation and Lonliness

Many of us experience loneliness or isolation at different periods of our lives, this can happen when you feel emotionally detached from others or feel alone even when surrounded by people. Restrictions posed by the COIVD pandemic has led to increased feelings of loneliness, and it has been challenging for many to stay connected. Certain events or circumstances can lead to feelings of loneliness such as bullying, bereavement, social anxiety, moving to a new place, or having friends move away. Other reasons people may feel lonely include low self-esteem, unemployment, and breakups. If you are feeling lonely, you can try some of the strategies listed below.

  • Coping with Isolation and Loneliness
    1. Volunteering is a great way to build connections and self-esteem. It can also help us find meaning and boost wellbeing. By working with those who are in a vulnerable position, we can also appreciate all the positives in our lives and practice gratitude. You can find a suitable voluntary role on Volunteer Ireland here.
    2. Strengthening social bonds and focusing on existing relationships. It can be helpful to reach out to people in your life to simply check in and catch up. Even a text message or phone call can help strengthen bonds and decrease feelings of loneliness. It is normal to not feel motivated to reach out and there may be several reasons you may be avoiding it, if this is the case you can start slowly by sending a text. When you feel more comfortable you can start making plans to meet up .
    3. Self-Care practices are always important, especially when you are feeling lonely or isolated. By simply putting a routine in place, exercising and eating a nutritious diet you can boost your mood and self-esteem. If you feel comfortable you can even join an exercise class or team sports which can also help you build social bonds.
    4. Distractions can also be helpful in combatting feelings of loneliness. Try to keep a busy diary with things you enjoy, whether it’s a hobby, favourite movie or TV show, or even home improvement. Taking the time to invest in yourself and your interests can be a great distraction from loneliness and can boost overall mood.
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