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Work Placement Garda Vetting

TUS Midwest

Student Garda Vetting Process

Why does TUS Conduct Garda Vetting?

Under the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016, TUS is required to conduct Garda Vetting on all students who go on work placement where such activity brings them into contact with vulnerable adults or children.

To meet it’s obligations under the Act, TUS is a Registered Relevant Organisation with the National Vetting Bureau. 

Who should be Garda Vetted?

If you answer YES to ALL below statements, then you should proceed to apply for Garda Vetting

  1. I am a registered TUS student               Yes/No
  2. My work placement activity will bring me into contact with vulnerable adults or children?     Yes/No
  3. I am due to commence Work Placement next semester?            Yes/No

How do I apply to be Garda Vetted?

In TUS Midwest, Garda Vetting of work placement students is conducted by the Careers and Employability Service Centre.

Step 1 – Submit the following to

  1. A completed NVB 1 Application Form Download WordDocDownload PDF 
  2. A copy of a valid Passport
  3. Proof of Address (Must be dated within 6 months)

Please note:

  • By signing NVB1 the vetting subject is providing authorisation for the Garda Vetting process.
  • Where the vetting subject is under 18 years of age, a declaration of consent must be made on a students behalf by a parent or guardian of the student. Please email for more info

Step 2

The National Garda Vetting Bureua invites the vetting subject via e-mail to complete a Vetting Application Form. (please check spam mail)

  • This link remains live for 30 days; with a reminder email generated on day 21. 

Students must activate this link within the timeframe provided. Failure to do so may impact your ability to undertake a workp placement module.

Step 3

The vetting subject completes a Vetting Application Form online and it is submitted to the Garda Vetting Liaison Person at TUS.

Step 4

The Garda Vetting Liaison Person reviews the Vetting Application Form and submits it to the National Vetting Bureau.

Step 5

The National Vetting Bureau processes the application and forwards a vetting disclosure to the Garda Vetting Liaison Person at TUS.

Responsibilities of Students

  • All request/ correspondence must be through your TUS student email address
    • Personal email addresses are not permitted
  • Students must activate / submit their Vetting Application Form within 30 days of receipt of email re same. 
  • Students must complete the National Vetting process in the semester prior to the commencement of their work placement. 
  • Students must provide proof of identity
  • Students must complete the NVB1 National Vetting form in an absolutely honest and truthful manner and adhere to any deadlines set by the Institute. 
  • Students must disclose any (and all) knowledge of a criminal conviction(s) or pending prosecution(s) in Ireland or outside the jurisdiction.
  • Students who have resided outside of the Republic of Ireland for a period of 6 months or more (from the age of 18 years) shall also be required to furnish a Police Clearance Certificate from their country or countries of residence. This Certificate should confirm if a student has any convictions recorded against him or her while residing there. If a student is unable to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate, they will be required to obtain a legal declaration (Affidavit) in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths or a Solicitor confirming that they have no criminal convictions, current or pending