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Green Charter

The LIT Tipperary Green Charter was signed by LIT President Professor Vincent Cunnane in November 2018. The charter set targets and provides guidance for waste and litter management in LIT Tipperary.  It also emphasises the importance that the Green-Campus committee places on the process of conducting its work.  The targets are that from 2018 to the end of 2022, LIT Clonmel and Thurles aim to reduce total waste production per person by 2% each year, and to increase the proportion of total waste recycled to 70%, based on a 2017 baseline.

LIT’s approach to waste management is guided by the EU waste management hierarchy of prevention including reuse, recycling and composting, energy recovery, and disposal.  Waste collection points are provided in the canteens and through the public areas and offices of the Clonmel and Thurles campuses.  Students and staff are asked to take responsibility for bringing their own waste with them out of a classroom or computer lab and depositing it in the appropriate bin (Recycling or Disposal).  People are asked to ensure that bottles, cans and cups are empty before placing in the correct bin (to assist the work of our cleaning staff and to allow recycling).  The photo shows an example of good waste segregation.  Further information is included in the student induction presentation.