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LIT Basketball Club

Limerick Institute of Technology’s basketball programme aims to cater for both high levels of participation amongst its college students while also competing at the highest levels of college basketball in Ireland. Our College has 3 different competitive levels of basketball for men and one competitive level of basketball for women to cater for basketball players who want to compete locally and nationally in Basketball Ireland sanctioned events. These levels are:

  • National College Basketball Division 1 Men.
  • National College Basketball Division 2 Women.
  • National College Basketball Division 3 Men.
  • Senior men’s basketball in the North Munster Area Board men’s league.

The college offers players a chance to try out for each of these teams at the start of each year. Our coaching staff hosts try-out dates to determine the appropriate level for each athlete and ensuring we have a team to cater for all players who wish to compete in college basketball. Both Division 1 and Division 2 men and women’s programs are Nationally competitive and each year the college partners with the Sports Changes Lives organization to recruit postgraduate American basketball players to play in our teams while earning their master’s degree at LIT.

The goal of LIT’s basketball program is to engage as many people in basketball as possible and thus we host regular 3x3 and 5x5 participation tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments are designed for any player to put a team together and come enter a 1-day tournament to compete with your fellow LIT students. If players can’t get a full team there is also the ability to show up and join another team for the day. Tournaments usually last 2 or 3 hours and are a great way to get involved, have fun and make new friends throughout the school year.


Please be aware that video and photography content on this website was produced prior to COVID-19