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Policies and Procedures

TUS Policy on Linked Provision and Linked Provider Framework 2022 – 2025 Download Here
TUS Programmatic Review Process Outline 2022 - 2024 Download Here
TUS Policy on Quality Assurance and Enhancement 2022 – 2025 Download Here
TUS Policy and Procedures on the Provision of References for Students/Graduates of the Technological University 2022 – 2025 Download Here
TUS Guide to Effective Practice that Supports Equity in Technological University Communications 2022 – 2025 Download Here
TUS: Midlands Midwest, Guidelines for Conducting Focus Groups for Quality Assurance Processes 2022 – 2025 Download Here
TUS: New Programme Validation Process 2021-2023 Download Here

TUS: Microcredentials 2022-2024

Download Here
TUS: Document Control Record Template Download Here
TUS: Policy on Academic Governance for Deviations from the Approved Course Schedule Download Here
TUS: Marks and Standards 2021-2022 Download Here
TUS: National Quality System Resources 2022-2025 Download Here