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LIT allocated €190,000 for project aiming to prevent and manage climate change risks across Europe


12 February 2020

Limerick Institute of Technology has begun participating in a new sustainable development project, which aims to prevent and manage risks associated with climate change.

The INTERREG Atlantic Area Triple-C project will run until September 2021, with LIT allocated €190,000 – approximately 11% of the project’s budget.

The programme will attempt to encourage greater co-operation across Europe in the area of climate change, with LIT joining forces with institutions from Spain, Portugal, France and the UK to identify examples of good climate change practice across the continent. It is envisaged that these results will be taken into a count by regional, national and European policies on climate change thereafter.

This platform will be developed, published and maintained for at least the duration of the project (September 2021) and five years after its completion to allow professionals and local, regional and national authorities to access the information over time.

The Triple-C project will also assess the impact of already capitalised projects on climate change. The activities carried out by the partners, including LIT, will create a network that will strengthen the capacities of climate change action plans and strategies throughout the EU.

Project partners will select, collect, organise and update the methodologies, results and tools obtained by the different projects in this field. They will also identify the results and good practices that deserve greater dissemination and exploitation.

The project will close with a conference in Brussels that will emphasise the benefits of continued co-operation in the areas of preventing climate change and managing its associated risks, in order to implement successful local, regional, national and broader EU policies.

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